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Dress : ASOS/Emily and Fin Shoes : Internacionale This dress has a story. I like to call it ‘Dress Story’. About 2 months ago, I…


Dress : ASOS/Emily and Fin
Shoes : Internacionale

emily and fin lucy dress

emily and fin

emily and fin lucy dress

orange and lemon print dress

emily and fin

This dress has a story. I like to call it ‘Dress Story’.

About 2 months ago, I saw this dress on ASOS and did not buy it, I added it to my wishlist but for some reason unbeknown to me, did not buy it. Then something really terrible happened – it went out of stock. The moment I saw it was out of stock I decided that I needed this dress RIGHT NOW. 

I searched Google, I searched eBay, I even tweeted ASOS asking if they would get it back in stock, they said no, my heart died a little bit. 

I searched and searched and searched. I refreshed the out of stock page on ASOS on a regular basis, hoping that maybe just maybe, they would have one returned or something and I could buy it and then we could live happily ever after.

Once it came in stock in a size 14. Too big oh no. Then it came in stock in an size 8. Too small oh no. 

Last week, God must have been smiling down on me or something, because I got the urge to check the dress even though I was starting to go through the whole grieving process, black arm band and all. And it was there. Emily and Fin. Orange and Lemon dress. Size 10. In stock.

I cannot explain to you the joy and excitement I felt. I think I actually gasped. I had it in my shopping basket and was checked out in about 5 seconds. 

It is now mine and I am in love. It even has POCKETS which I didn’t realise, who doesn’t love pockets?

/dress story. 

First picture of the chair is my using the chair to focus the camera, ha. I just thought it looked cool so kept it in. Do you ever use an object to focus your camera when taking photos?

Now here is a giraffe:

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  1. You’re too cute!! The story was definitely a nice touch (: I like dresses that cinch at the waist as I’m not a big fan of belts. Lol. That giraffe.. too darling!! Here’s something I thought you’d appreciate, hon. Seeing as how you’re just AWESOME with the blogging! <3

  2. Hello from Spain: I am identified with you and the story of your dress. Sometimes I did the same as you. I’m glad you have it in your house. It’s a lovely dress. I love the shape and pattern of the dress. Great buy. Keep in touch

  3. Hi Corinne! Lol you were very lucky! The dress is so summery and nice, it reminds me of D&G! Kisses and happy Sunday! xo

  4. I remembered the nursery rhyme…The dress is really beautiful

  5. Fortunately you got your precious dress!!You were destined to be together. It is such a beautiful dress, I love it too. Kisses:)

  6. I think this is one of the most beautiful dress I´ve seen on you, honestly!! It´s simply perfect!!!!!!

  7. Hi !!
    I have a comment of you in my blog !!
    And now I am here !!
    I follow you
    Please follow back

  8. I am obsessed with your choices of dresses! I really want this dress. Hope you had a good weekend dear! xx Pip


  9. haha quite the journey to getting this dress! also finding something has pockets in it is always the greatest discovery, i wish more womens clothing came with pockets!

    -Tara x


  10. It wos worth it!! I mean it’s gorgeous!!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  11. Such a cute dress! Looks nice with opaque tights!
    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  12. Thanks for your lovely comment! 🙂 My brother’s gonna stay in Grenoble. And yes I study German, and also English and Spanish.
    I’m following you back with Google, but I cant find your Bloglovin’ account link? =/

  13. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    This dress is so stunning, I love the pattern and cut so much! So glad you got it in the end!!

    Have a great day,

  14. Such pretty photos! That dress is so cute and quirky! I love the oranges on it. So unexpected.

    Adly of Wish&Wear

  15. HAHA I’m so glad I’m not the only one ! It happened to me once… but never could find it back 🙁

  16. This dress is stunning!!!!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  17. I’m so glad this dress miraculously came back in stock in your size! It’s beautiful and the print is spectacular. And it looks perfect on you!

  18. LUCKY! I’m glad you got it! I know the feeling when you NEED it and it’s gone. It’s so darling too! Love the orange and lemon print! Plus the fit and flare shape is perfect!
    I’m hosting a Summer Style Link-up on my blog today if you wanna join in!

  19. Hoooo! Lucky girl 😀
    Once I waited about 2 weeks for a dress coming back to stock in my size – and when I really started to give up hope, it was there – finally 😀 So I completely understand your excitement 🙂 And this dress is gorgeous! I love its wide skirt! <3

  20. A friend of mine always says that whenever I like something and I have the means to have it then I should go for it, you’ll never know sooner or later when you want it badly you just can’t have it. But I told her that if things are for you whatever happens you’ll end up having that thing. 😉
    Glad you were able to have your dress (it just means that it’s yours the entire time) hihi.

    Anyway, I followed you on google friend connect please follow me too. 🙂

    Best regards,

  21. Love the dress and before I got my clicker I used a garbage can, not fun. So glad I found a clicked on, it’s so much easier.

  22. Ha, you really got the dress!:D

    I’d like your FB page, but believe it or not – I don’t have a FB account. At all.:)

  23. Aaaw, the giraffe is ever so cute! As is your dress =) This outfit’d work pretty well with a black leather jacket, don’t you think?


  24. Haha I love this, I think we can all relate to falling in love with a dress and almost not getting it – it’s an amazing feeling when you finally get it, isn’t it? Btw I love your layout, it’s so cute! I’m following you back now 🙂 xx

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