Dress : ASOS/Emily and Fin
Shoes : Internacionale

emily and fin lucy dress

emily and fin

emily and fin lucy dress

orange and lemon print dress

emily and fin

This dress has a story. I like to call it ‘Dress Story’.

About 2 months ago, I saw this dress on ASOS and did not buy it, I added it to my wishlist but for some reason unbeknown to me, did not buy it. Then something really terrible happened – it went out of stock. The moment I saw it was out of stock I decided that I needed this dress RIGHT NOW. 

I searched Google, I searched eBay, I even tweeted ASOS asking if they would get it back in stock, they said no, my heart died a little bit. 

I searched and searched and searched. I refreshed the out of stock page on ASOS on a regular basis, hoping that maybe just maybe, they would have one returned or something and I could buy it and then we could live happily ever after.

Once it came in stock in a size 14. Too big oh no. Then it came in stock in an size 8. Too small oh no. 

Last week, God must have been smiling down on me or something, because I got the urge to check the dress even though I was starting to go through the whole grieving process, black arm band and all. And it was there. Emily and Fin. Orange and Lemon dress. Size 10. In stock.

I cannot explain to you the joy and excitement I felt. I think I actually gasped. I had it in my shopping basket and was checked out in about 5 seconds. 

It is now mine and I am in love. It even has POCKETS which I didn’t realise, who doesn’t love pockets?

/dress story. 

First picture of the chair is my using the chair to focus the camera, ha. I just thought it looked cool so kept it in. Do you ever use an object to focus your camera when taking photos?

Now here is a giraffe:

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