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Night Owl

Shirt – Pimkie (old) Skirt – Tesco (old) Tights – Tesco (old) Shoes – Internacionale (old) As you can see, this outfit is all old….

Shirt – Pimkie (old)
Skirt – Tesco (old)
Tights – Tesco (old)
Shoes – Internacionale (old)

As you can see, this outfit is all old. Oh no.

So, I did my night shift. I stayed up Tuesday until about 1pm, I tried to sleep until 7pmish but it just was not working out for me. Some man with a chainsaw decided that he must cut down every bush in the whole world, which prevented me from sleeping greatly. I wanted to yell profanities out of my window, but I do not think that would have gotten me anywhere, so I just laid in bed and filled up with rage. I kept drifting off and then waking up! WOE.

I got home around 10am Wednesday morning and stayed up until around 2pm. I slept until 8ish and then forced myself to get up. I could have slept forever. 

I faffed about online until 4am, then slept on and off until 10:30. This is where we are now. In my room, with wet hair and not motivation to get ready.

I am working at 1pm today.

This does not sound appealing at all.

I am thinking of transferring my blogger account over to google+. It seems that everyone is doing it and blogger is getting old, will we be forced to make the switch eventually? I don’t really know much about the transfer though.

Can anyone tell give me a quick overview of blogger vs google+?
Why did you change?
Why won’t you change?

Anyway – you can add me to google+ here.

I love this song, so have a listen!

Have you ever had to work nights? How did you find the transition?


  1. omg who doesn’t love imagine dragons? 😀

    this post made me laugh, especially the guy ‘cutting down every bush in the whole world’ LOL

    Yeah I have read the book, quite a few different editions, i’m pretty obsessed 🙂 it’s probably not cool to be into children’s literature, but whatevs, hahaha! I want to live in Wonderland….

    xoxoxoxox holly

  2. I like the skirt, very nice! I havent make the change though I have the profile (added you back btw!:)) but I can tell you that is little a mess also G+ lol so you just try and see if it is fine for you!:) Kisses! xo

  3. Really nice tights! And I’m on Google+ but only because I’m a new blog and Google aren’t letting any new users use Google friend connect anymore! Only problem is that it makes it easier for people I know in real life to find me 😛

    Tyra xxx

  4. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so gorgeous and your outfit so absolutely cute! There’s nothing better than a good patterned skirt. Also loving your hair!

    Have the best day ever,

  5. First time listening to that song. First time hearing about Imagine Dragons too.:) But I like it, I like his voice…

    I worked night shifts a lot when I worked behind a bar at a club. Oh so fun dealing with drunk people… Being drunk is a lot more cheerful.:)

    As for the switch – I don’t know much or anything about it. I just know I’m a bit hesitant. But I’m afraid they’ll make us anyway!!

  6. I love the colour of those tights, different from the normal black tights! Lovely – and great song xx

  7. I’m new to blogging please enlighten me of this google+ change? I thought they were getting rid of google+ soon?! LOL

    Anyways nothing wrong with wearing old clothes? I’m still wearing my jean hot pants my mum got me in primary school aged 10-11yrs baby and I don’t give a fak ahahah

    I use to work late but NIGHT SHIFTS jesus I don’t think i’d handle that! Maybe in halls when my sleeping pattern consisted of only being awake whilst it was dark outside lol! Where do you work?

  8. PS you post a lot of outfits etc are you on lookbook? I’ve signed up on that thing but I dunno how to use it really I just use my account to stalk everyone hahaha X

  9. Love your tights! As for switching to Google+, I really have no idea how that will work. I basically just stick with what I have until they force a change, and when they do that they usually make it super easy or it happens automatically (I keep things as lazy as possible :D) Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi dear Corinne, I know this men with the chainsaws – the live here en masse in our region! And I hate this noise absolutely 🙁

    But you´re looking really cute – nothing to see that you had such stressful times!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend without any sound of chainsaws and quiet sleep!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  11. I hate when I can’t get proper sleep. Ugh , it kills! This new Google+ is so confusing , some says gfc will gone if you link blogger to google blah blah!

  12. Cute look. Esp love the skirt. Why do they always have to cut down all the bushes or mow the grass early in the morning. Sorry you didn´t sleep well. I have no idea about the blogger/google+ stuff. Sorry can´t help you.


  13. Would love to know about this google+ thing too!
    I know that you can link your google+ account with your bloggers blog,but that changes everything,that`s why I didn`t do it…Well that`s all I know about it!


  14. Oh no I’m totally freaking out about changing to Google plus! Everyone’s acting like it’s the future but I don’t like change. Up until recently I was a baker – working crazy hours, sometimes nights, sometimes super early in the morning. I found if I had ONE day off to just have a sleep in that I could hack it. It does wreck your social life though – no going out boozing if you have to be at work in 2 hours 😉

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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