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I wish everyday was a doff.

 Dress : A Wear Polly tie back dress from ASOS. £20 from £40. Shoes : New Look Tar Red Bow Front MaryJane from ASOS. £24.99 I know my…

 Dress : A Wear Polly tie back dress from ASOS. £20 from £40.

I know my hair is a mess. But hey, guess what guess what, my life is a mess. 

My hair is always such a mess. I really need to get it cut, but going to the hair dresses terrifies me. It’s bad sad times. My friend is going to cut it for me. A couple weeks ago I got really drunk and tried to trim my ends myself. Oh dear.

Today is DOFFF!!! Tomorrow I have a workshop, so I have to drive down to Derby with my boss, oh no. Have to set off at 6:30 and be there for 8:45. I hope we can stop for coffee. I warned him that I will be moaning the whole way because I’ll be tired. I am not very good at being awake, esp at 6:30am. He said he is going to make me sit in the back in the booster seat. 

It’s going to be a long day. Workshops are so boring. 

Anyway, here are a few pictures from Saturday night to share with you guys!


I wore the outfit from this post.

Tell me what you did this weekend.


  1. Love your floral dress – it’s so pretty and feminine. Best of luck with your workshop tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous dress & shoes doll!! I did nothing this weekend, but relax. I hope you have a good time at the workshop if possible :)) x

  3. Hi Corinne! You always wear such lovely dresses! I like this one, what a cute pattern! I dont think your hair is a mess, I also scare hairdresser thats why I prefer to cut (a bit) my hair from myself!^^’ Kisses! xo

  4. Lovely outfit! I really love your heels 🙂

    Btw thanks for your comment and for wishing me a good easter – I hope you had a good one as well!

    Step by again another time:

  5. Hello sweety! Thanks for stopping by and I heartly appreciate it, your opinion is so important too!
    This is such an amazing post, im in love! (:
    New post on my blog! Stop by me soon!
    Have a really nice day 🙂

  6. Great blog! oh, yes so stylish! im in love <3 !
    can you visit the mine? one big kiss :* !!

  7. I want a polka dot dress too!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. Amazing dress I like your hair but i think mine should be cut too- what do people do with long hair? Glad you had a good weekend I shopped with Money I didn’t really have 🙁 thank you for the kind comment on my blog x

  9. Super cute dress! And love those killer heels! And wow, being up that earlier is bad enough let alone with your boss haha 🙂

  10. Lovely dresses and shoes. I love red at the minute.

    You’ve got a great blog and I look forward to more posts.

    Top Style Advice

  11. Great shoes and don´t worry about your hair, I even trim my ends and cut my bangs when I´m not drunk xD

  12. Love the red heels!!! What do you think of following each other? Let me know, i always return the gfc 🙂

  13. Your dress and heels look so pretty . Lol don’t get it bad with messy hair , hair are hair . they’re MESSY all the time 😉
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

  14. drunk n trim ur own hair!! OMG. unbelievable…lol.
    I may not know what’s doff but i sure think that u look super great here!

    Issa x

  15. Hahah yeaaa trimming hair when tipsy is never a good idea!! And I LOVE this outfit- those red mary jane pumps really made it. They make the colors in your dress really pop

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  16. ohhhhh!! great dress and beatiful shoes!!! bellissima!

    I’d like to follow each other! I follow you now, hope we keep in touch!

  17. I love your dress and those shoes are perfect for it!!! My weekend was pretty uneventful-we had a party and then I had really good Brazilian brunch! Ohhh and I also saw Springbreakers-what a crazy movie!

    Sophisticated Lace

  18. Your hair isn´t a mess, dear Corinne, and you´re looking really cute <3

    I don´t like go to the hairdresser, too, because in my eyes this doesn´t make sense for my hairs. If you wanna know which hairs are mess, look at the pictures in my blog when I have my hair open 😉 So my solution is to wear my hair mostly in a bun or a similar hair-do …

    Wish you a great rest of the week with only nice customers and hair which makes you happy!

    xx Rena

  19. Oh giiiirl, you look so cute! Digging those killer statement heels and your whole look really… wanna lend me your outfit/pick out my outfit everyday!?


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  21. thank you so much darling for visiting my blog.. 🙂
    I love the red heels..


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