Has Spring finally come to England?

Shoes : Internacionale. (old)

So yesterday I went to the workshop in Derby. Had to set off at 6:30am. Met my boss at Meadowhall and he drove me the rest of the way down.

It was okay, I guess. There was nothing new really, as they already made us do online training and sent down a 34 page document that I had read regarding all the changes that are happening on my department over the next few weeks. There was free coffee though. Which was ace, but also bad. We got there at 8am and it didn’t start until 9. 3 coffees later I was shaking and feeling a bit manic.

It finished early though, wooooo. 3pm instead of 4pm, so managed to miss most of the traffic and I got home at 5pm. I NEVER GET HOME AT 5PM. So that was odd. 

It was freezing this morning, had to de-ice my windows – well, not me personally. I press a button in my car and it does it itself. It got up to 9 degrees celsius! Which isn’t really warm, but it must be the warmest it’s been since before Christmas. 

When my boss dropped me off, I took this picture at Meadowhall.

I got home and my housemate, Lilly, sent me a text message saying ‘I want to go drinking in the sun’. Haha. It wasn’t even warm enough to go out without a coat!

Working a 7-5(ish) today. Yawn. Just want the day over so I can nap please!

Hope you have all had a wonderful day =)

Corinne x

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