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Drinking beer at 7am. WHAT?

Dress : ASOS (old) Tights : Tesco (old) Coat : Tesco (old) Boots : I DONT KNOW OH NO HIHIHIHIIHHIHIH. It is 6:50 am. I…


Dress : ASOS (old)
Tights : Tesco (old)
Coat : Tesco (old)

HIHIHIHIIHHIHIH. It is 6:50 am. I have just opened a can of Coors Light. 

This is not what you think. 

Um, I am trying to transition into night mode, see, as I am working at midnight tonight until 9am tomorrow morning as it is our first stock take (new stock control routines – 80 external counters will come in store and count the whole shop, rather than my stock controllers doing a section each week.. and it’s a big store, 80 000square foot), so of course I have to go onto nights and do this wonderful shift. The joys of being a stock control manager. 

I worked today. Wait, yesterday? I do not know what day it is or where I am or what I am doing here. Why is this happening to me? Okay, it was Monday and that was the day I worked, 7am til 6pm then came home, watched the new Glee and slept from about 9pm – 1am. 

I got up and had breakfast, or something whatever you call 
the meal you eat when you wake up at 1am and try to pretend it is the day time. Then my housemate came home from a night out and we chatted for a bit. It’s fun talking to drunk people. And since then I have been checking out blogs etc etc.

So now, it’s nearly 7am and I do not know what time I should go to bed or what I should do. 

I wish I could make a poll and have you guys pick for me but 
1) I don’t know how to do that 
2) I doubt enough people will vote in time and 
3) I’ll ignore the results and do what I want anyway. Because I am a massive brat.

Um, I am going to google about polls and see if I can do this. I am a clever girl, I am sure I can work it out. BRBRBRBRB. 

Oh, check me out. 

I can’t remember my point.

Anyway, my plan is to probably stay awake until about 11am or 12ish, then get up between 8pm and 9pm. 

I am very very talented at getting into night mode. If it was a profession I would be paid top dollar to screw up my body clock. The issue is going to be how I will cope with finishing work at 9am Wednesday, then being in a fit state to work at 1pm Thursday.

I am not very good at setting my alarm and just trying to sleep a couple of hours. I will come home, faff about (I am the queen of faffing) for about 4 hours, then sleep until 10pm or something stupid like that. This is going to be a wonderful adventure. I am glad you guys are here to share it with me.

Look how nice it looks outside. This was about 6:30am.

Bye bye wish me luck.

PS – I have what happened in Boston yesterday, what a horrible thing for someone to do. I do not comprehend people that wish to harm random people on such a large scale. Or any scale, whether it is one of one thousand. I hope the people/person behind it are brought to justice.


  1. this dress is so lovely! i’ve become one of your followers with very pleasure 😀

    fashion blog miriam stella

  2. I would seriously kill for your dress collection! Also, Boston’s bombing leaves me speechless! I also cannot comprehend why things like this happen.

  3. Love the layering in this oufit. And i agree with u about what happened to Boston. They are harmless people. its just heart breaking to hear such news.

  4. Oh my god your shifts sound mental – the joys of shift work indeed – I’m lucky not to lol!!
    Lovely dress too and tights combo – gotta love a bit of Tesco yeahhh 😀

    In reply to your comment on my blog, yesss I hope people do read our blogs, although I’m sure with yours they do, such a good read!!


  5. I just passed by and I like your blog very much.
    I’m following you from now on, hope you’ll follow back.

    Follow Stardust Stain Blog
    Like Stardust Stain on Facebook

  6. trying to get into night mode…lol
    i know my own schedule will be nonexistent once baby arrives.
    i voted for you to play bioshock because i really want the new one that came out 🙂
    also, really like your red coat

  7. cute post!! good luck!

    what about following each other?? ♥
    Très Jolie blog
    Facebook page

  8. I voted catch up on TV shows 🙂 Love the red, black and white combo! Another cute dress strikes again!!

  9. my boyfriend sometimes does night shifts too and I don’t know how he does it! I love getting up when birds are chirping and sleeping when it’s dark outside.

    I love that dress!! Suits you perfectly!

    Sophisticated Lace

  10. love the dress, hun! and i just realized i wasn’t following you, but i am now:-) and i’d hate to have shifts like that (actually i wouldn’t, ’cause i need a job:'() x

  11. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog- I was doing a welcome to the hospital training it was a lot of “find this here” stuff which was pointless as I’ve worked there for two years
    You look great I love your dress, I used to work nights and I could never sleep! Good luck x

  12. Thank you so much for your visit! I follow you with GFC and Bloglovin!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  13. such a pretty dress, and i love how you styled it!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  14. I was your first Black ops vote 😉
    I love sunrises – I almost never see them as I’m at work or sleeping – first world problems or what? I’m reading this on Monday after bombings and it looks like they’ve caught the bastards that did it – even if that is little comfort to the dead and injured and their families 🙁

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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