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Birthday Celebrations

Skirt : Tesco (old) Top : Primark (I think?) Shoes : ASOS Isn’t it wonderful when you discover a skirt that you haven’t worn in…

Skirt : Tesco (old)
Top : Primark (I think?)
Shoes : ASOS

Isn’t it wonderful when you discover a skirt that you haven’t worn in years, put it on and wonder how on earth you managed to forget about it? This is what happened to me, yesterday. Yes, this is actually what I wore yesterday, not today, but yesterday I had already posted about the pony before I had taken the pictures. 

Ahh, I am full of exhaustion today. My uterus is trying to kill me so I have been hardly able to sleep. Give me drugs. The pain killers I have taken do not seem to be working. 

It’s Christines Birthday tomorrow so today we are going to York, to the dungeons I think. Scary. This means I will have to get on a bus and then on a train. Even scarier, I am not a fan of public transport. And then I believe we are going out in Headingly to some pubs etc. 

I have not decided what I should wear yet. I think my plan is to shower and see if I can have a nap for a bit. I ordered two new dresses from ASOS and I was hoping they would be here by now! Sad.

Hope you all have a lovely day,

Corinne x


  1. love the skirt and the heels!!
    have fun!!

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  2. Gorgeous look. I hope you find something pretty to wear for the birthday. I love that skirt. You need magnesium pills for that pain. That always works for me <3


  3. The skirt is so lovely Corinne, hopefully you remembered about it!:) I have a crush on your hair you know:))) Have fun with the celebrations and hope you get better! xo

  4. u must hav wished ur ASOS came in faster 🙂 i feel that way whenever i order online too. Have a good celebration and drink a glass on my behalf! 🙂 Enjoy

  5. Love your outfit and thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

    Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!

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  6. What a lovely skirt! I really adore the print and color of it. The black styling with it was a great way for the skirt to really shine. Lovely!

  7. Gorgeous retro floral pattern on your skirt! Great find! I love those unexpected fashion discoveries, where you find something you haven’t worn for ages….and make it new again! Hope it was a fantastic night out on the town, with no public transport issues! hehe (i’m the same!)

    Allura x

  8. yeah, i know that! happens to me almost every time i enter my closet. “look, what i found..” wll, this skirt is a cutie! <3 tones.

  9. Thanks for your sweet comment!
    This is so stunning – I love the patterned skirt a lot! And your hair looks so pretty, too!

    Have a wonderful week,

  10. Ibuprofen for pain! it’s truly God given!

    Can’t wait to see the dresses 🙂 if you post them 🙂

  11. I totally LOVE that skirt, it’s so cute! I’m glad you found it again.

  12. the skirt is pretty1 Happy birthday to Christine. enjoy yourselves in NY!

    xo, Carla

  13. Hope the pain disappears soon! I love when I find some cloth I didn’t remember I had, it’s an awesome feeling! The skirt is adorable!

  14. Beautiful skirt and I love the shoes too! So darling.

  15. Your skirt is great for the spring

    Lovely post!

    Please follow and visit me 😀

    Danica Stark

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