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New Camerararararaaaa

Here she is. My new CAMERARARARARARAARA. I cannot believe how much I have forgotten about photography. I defiantly need to get my learning head back on so…



I cannot believe how much I have forgotten about photography. I defiantly need to get my learning head back on so I can use manual modes again!

Anyways, here is todays outfit. 
Dress : £19 from ASOS. Grab it here. 
Shoes : £24.99 from ASOS. Grab them here.

Obviously I am still in the experimental stage with the camera. I need to work on settings and lightings and I really need to get hold of a remote shutter thing to aid the focusing!

Anyway – it is 13:41pm, it is my day off (yes). My tasks for the rest of the day are :
Clean my room and change bedsheets.
Edit the video from last week.
Catch up on blogs.

I am in a state of slight depression as my best work friend has left to go to a different store for 6 months. Last night was our last shift together and it was full of sad times. COME BACK FRIEND. Weh.

Watch my last youtube video =)

How are you spending your weekend?


  1. Congratulations for new camera! Yay! I have always wanted this type of camera ,with the best result! I love the addition of little add to black & white.
    Areeba @ Aree with Umbrella

  2. I also have a Nikkon!! Mine is Nikkon SD 5100, and it´s fantastic!! Which model is yours?

  3. OMG i loooooove your shoes!!!! and dress is beautiful too, love polka dots 🙂

  4. Congrats on your new camera!! I loooove your dress!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. Hi Corinne! Wow a new camera, well done! Just love it and looking forward to see your new pics!:) The dress is so nice, love also the heels, to die for! Enjoy the weekend and hope you wont be too much sad!:) Kisses! xo

  6. oh gosh your heels
    so so pretty, dear, seriously!

    hope we follow and stay in touch! im going!!

  7. ooo so jealous! im getting a new camera soon!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  8. Ohh I love your outfit,especially your heels!:O
    And thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my blog!Don`t feel bad for taking off some days,I just took off 6 days this week!!


  9. I love your camera and also your polka dot dress, very pretty!


  10. That dress looks lovely and congrats on your new camera. Is your friend coming back again after the 6 month?


  11. Just followed you back, dear! 😀
    Dress and shoes match perfectly <3 and I especially like those shoes! Sooo cute 😀

  12. That is a lovely dress 🙂 i love your shoes too
    Lucky you the camera looks really nice 😀 Cammi @

  13. Yay! I am in the market for a new camera too, I am team Nikon too! I love them, you will have to let me know how you like this camera, I need to research into what model I’d like!

    Enjoy! There is nothing better than a new camera!

    E x

  14. Such a cute blog! Maybe we could follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin?
    I can’t wait to see your next post !

  15. Hey, another Nikon girl!!:) Get that infrared remote control, I got mine form eBay for under 2 pounds and it’s my new best friend now.:D Those heels are frigging hot, kind of sweet and girlie and naughty all at once – love them.:)

    P.S.: You STILL didn’t know who Jack Nicholson is??:D I think it’s fun and funny and also very very cool actually. My brain is cluttered with so many useless information… Shit!:)

  16. Great, Nikon owner here too! <3

    P.S. FOllowed you back on gfc and bloglovin!

  17. Wow, congrats on the new camera, the pics are stunning 🙂 Also this is probably my favourite outfit on your blog so far, the heels are just amazing! Oh and for the 15% off at H&M: I think they are not doing it in the UK so far because I wanted to see if they´re doing it in London as I´m going there this week but I found no results for the UK at all. However you can check it for yourself here: (the filter needs to be on “Garment Collecting”)
    Have a nice day!

  18. you’re adorable <3 love the dress and the shoes <3
    thanks for follow me! I follow you as veronica_micia
    wanna follow also on bloglovin?

  19. Congrats on your new camera!!! Love your simple outfit with that awesome shoes!!! 🙂
    Thanks for visiting me doll.
    Don’t forget to follow too on GFC, FB etc if you like! 🙂

  20. I do not believe in returning things too often as my job of taking returns make me understand the hardships of selling returned goods. You are totally at liberty of returning anything you do not want or feel is over prized.
    I like the first look, although I would loose the heels and get something other than pencil heel. It makes you look like you are rushing to grow old.

  21. I would absolutely LOVE a new camera, especially of the DSLR variety – like yours!! 🙂

  22. Hi sweety!! Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂
    I really love your post, specially your dresses!!
    Come back to my new post at;

  23. Followed darling!!! (GFC number 123)!
    Sorry, but I don’t see your blog on my GFC list????
    I would be grateful if you come back again…

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