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MOAR SNOW?!?!?!?!?

Hat : Tesco Jumper : Primark  Jeans : Tesco Wellies : Tesco Coat : Tesco Gloves : Primark So, yesterday it started snowing. It has…

Hat : Tesco
Jumper : Primark 
Jeans : Tesco
Wellies : Tesco
Coat : Tesco
Gloves : Primark

So, yesterday it started snowing. It has pretty much snowed non-stop since then. At first I was like, OH NO GO HOME SNOW, YOU’RE DRUNK. but I think that was just because I was working all today. I got home last night at 6pm, knowing I had today off feeling happy and full of glee about the snow.

This morning I decided to get all wrapped up (two non-dress posts in a row Corinne?? WHAAT) and venture out to the farm behind my house to take some photos.

Hopefully the snow will stop soon, I really don’t want to make the commute to work tomorrow in it!

Snow : Do you love it or hate it?

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  1. Oh how much snow!! Really lots! You know, here we havent though is so cold, so I dont know if I could love or hate! I can tell you that I really like when I went to the mountain and touch it, but live with it must be another thing! I’m totally in love with your gloves! They are so nice!! Kisses Corinne, happy weekend and hope the snow stops soon! xo

  2. great photos! The outfit is super cute 🙂 especially the boots and ur sweater <3

    xx ♥

  3. Beautiful snow everywhere! It never snows in my part of the world!
    Anyways, thanks for visiting me dear.
    Don’t forget to follow too on GFC, G+, FB etc if you like!

  4. It’s the middle of frigging March!! I like snow but not in the middle of March. What’s up with this sh…now.:) If it starts snowing here too, I’ll freak out! But your Tesco hat is adorable, I think I need a hat like that in my life too.:)

  5. i was so annoyed at more snow too! but your hat and wellies are soooo cute, they make it much more fun!

    kitty xx

  6. That’s a lot of snow!! I love your boots!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. Gah, no more snow please! Need sunshine and spring! Anything about 5 degrees would be lovely. 🙂 Cute outfit! x

  8. The snow looks so beautiful, but for your sake I hope it ends for you soon! Those gloves?! I WANT!! So stinkin’ cute.

    1. Aw, if they still had them I would so have gotten you some and sent them, they were only like £1 from primark!

  9. It’s crazy the amount of snow you are getting in the UK!! Gotta love a bit of snow…. but in Winter. Love the colour of your jeans and how could you resist the owl (i think) gloves?! 🙂

  10. Ughhh,you summoned snow!I swear it was already spring alike last week,haha and then I read your comment about the snow in your hometown and today I woke up and there was snow!!!
    But if I had such cute wellies,like you do,I would also love the snow.


  11. i love snow when it’s winter, but it’s supposed to be spring already! i really like your jumper:-) and, by the way, where about in leeds do you live at the moment? it looks really pretty:-) x

  12. I’ve seen some of your posts and I think your blog is very inspiring so I’m your newest fan and follower 🙂 I invite you to follow me back.


  13. great photos 🙂 love your style!

    thanks for checking out my blog. i’ve followed you! xx

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