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Happy Easter!

Skirt : Matalan Top : Tesco Shoes : ASOS So, it’s Easter weekend! How is everyone planning on spending their Easter? I’m working Good Friday,…

Skirt : Matalan
Top : Tesco
Shoes : ASOS

So, it’s Easter weekend! How is everyone planning on spending their Easter?

I’m working Good Friday, Easter Sunday and bank holiday Monday – so thinks are not going to be awesome for me! 

When I was younger, we used to have a big family meal and Easter eggs and everything on Easter Sunday – but now I’m a working adult I usually work it all. Being all grown up sucks. I moaned at my mum down the phone the other day because she said she wouldn’t buy me an Easter egg. 26 is not too old. =(

Hope you have a better weekend than me :p

Oh, and we are getting a new Fridge/freezer – apparently. Sometime after the bank holidays. That is about as exciting as my life is nowadays. Getting a new kitchen appliance. 


  1. Happy Easter!!! That’s a cute skirt!! 🙂
    Winter not over there yet???
    Btw, I just created an G+ page for my blog.
    Do visit & follow too if you like! 🙂

  2. 😀 Wanna know something?? I complained to my mother last year about not getting me an easter egg and this year I got one.:D I’m 26 too and I definitely don’t think your EVER too old for an easter egg. Dooh. Sorry about working over the holidays… I’ll be working too, not that that’s any consolation to any of us.:D

    P.S.: I’m tagging you.:) Hope you’ll be up for it. Everything is in my last post.

  3. Poor girl, you´re looking so beautiful and must work so much … hope you´ll have after Easter some free days!

    I´ll relax, read, sleep and blog during the free days which I fortunately have. And my daughter is planning a big Easter Brunch on Easter Sunday for our family!

    Happy Easter (when it´s possible to celebrate)

    xx Rena

  4. Hi Corinne! I’m sorry you have to work this Easter weekend, hope the same you will have a nice time! I think there isnt too much old for the choco egg:P In fact I will have too! I like the skirt, looking nice! Your hair is beautiful!:) Kisses and happy Easter! xo

  5. Love the skirt…Well, the complete outfit, to be honest!!! I wonder how big is your wardrobe, my gosh, ha…ha…!!!

  6. You look super cute! It’s funny how a new appliance becomes exciting 🙂

  7. I adore that skirt!!
    Happy easter!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. Your skirt is so nice 🙂 Happy weekend .
    ( Don’t feel bad . There’s someone else who’s having bad weekend .”me”)
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

  9. So sorry to read you’ll have to be working this Easter weekend. I hope it’s a Happy one anyway. I love tiered ruffled skirts! The one you got from Matalan is a beauty! I like tiered ruffled blouses too – I wore an Eyelash ruffle blouse in my last OOTD at I was thinking of hard-boiling some eggs and may try decorating some. The new Fridge/freezer will be nice for holding future holiday goodies. I hope the Easter Bunny finds you sometime this weekend whether it’s at work or afterwards. Happy Easter regardless!

  10. the skirt’s so cute:-) you definitely aren’t too old, so get yourself a wee easter egg and i hope your easter is a good one! also, it’s so strange that we live so close by, i live in headingley so we’re pretty much neighbours, haha! x

  11. Beautiful look. Love the skirt and the heels. Poor you why do you have to work on the holidays. I didn´t get anything too. I think I´ll bake a cake :-)Happy Easter!!!



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