Emily and Fin Strawberry Print Dress

£35 from £58.

emily and fin strawberry dress

emily and fin

GOSH I love thi Emily and Fin Day After Day Strawberry Print dress. I arrived on Thursday and I am in love – only problem is it’s still pretty much like winter outside so I cannot wear it. Yet. But I shall. And I will let you know when. 

I can’t wait to be wearing my summer dresses and skirts and sharing them all with you!

So it’s 11am on Easter Sunday Morning. Well, 10am really because the clocks went forward. So I lost an hours sleep. I also went out last night and didn’t get in until about 3am. DOOOOOMMMM. I should be able to get my hands on some photos and share them – but maybe in the next post. Went out for the leaving party of 2 people at work. 

I have to work at 1pm. Oh no. This is sad. The shop is shut but there still needs to be a manager there so I am going to be an a 80 000 square foot shop with me and about 2 other people. Erie. 

I better get a move on – just got out of the shower and washed my hair and need to get it dried/straightened ASAP as one of my friends stayed at my house and I need take her home before I go to work!

What are you up to this Easter Sunday?

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