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oh no astroid.

Oh no, sorry for the grumpy face. I tried really hard to want to smile when I did not feel very much like smiling. I…

Oh no, sorry for the grumpy face. I tried really hard to want to smile when I did not feel very much like smiling. I did 12 and a half hours at work today, you see. Which always puts me in a bad mood. I wish I got paid hourly and not salary and then I would be a really rich lady. 

Top – Tesco
Skirt – Matalan
Scarf – Christmas Present but needed bc COLD
Boots – Internacionael.


Did you know about this astroid thing? I did not know until I was at a checkout buying soup and wine (and my lottery tickets!) and the checkout operator said that it was supposed to come over us at 19.30, this was at about 19.28 and I was really scared. I think I am going to spend the rest of the night reading about this because I love space and everything to do with space. I did hear about it a few months ago but I think I mentally blocked it out because I knew I would be terrified and had nightmares. Now it is over, I can indulge my tired and intrigued self as much as I like. =)

Tell me your weekend plans.


  1. I think the asteroid was meant to come at 7.24pm, we looked out of the window but didn’t see anything, I thought I did but we think it may have been a plane lol. Have a google of the live feeds they filmed, I am going to have a look now πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend πŸ™‚

    Janine xx
    Bake, Glue and Trend!

  2. Know not much abt Asteriod tho. U shud get some rest this weekend. Must be tough working 12 hours! Enjoy the weekends πŸ™‚


  3. I like so much your french style look. Béret is so chic, really. On the other hand, I didn´t know you were so interested in space matters. My husband is Magister in Physics, and some friends of us work as astronomes and as astrophysics, so whatever you want to know about you can ask me, and I can recommend you some books, etc… Even my friend John worked for the European Spacial Agency

  4. Well, in spite of your long hour work day, you still look gorgeous! I absolutely love your blog! Specially the photos because they are so clear and detailed.I really enjoyed browsing your blog. I followed you on GFC and BlogLovin! Thank you for dropping by my blog earlier and leaving that sweet comment πŸ™‚ Hoping you can follow me too πŸ™‚ Thank you for this post! I can’t wait to read more of your posts. More power to you!

    Your new follower,

  5. Love the skirt and scarf. I was a bit scared of the asteroid too! I’m at my Mum and Dad’s for the weekend with my brother and his gf. xx

  6. Hi Corinne, I didnt know about it over your place! hopefully everything went fine:) I like your skirt and combo! Happy Sunday! Kisses! xo

  7. Stylish and pretty. Esp love the skirt. I had no idea about the astroid either but there was one that hit Russia a few days ago. Gosh twelve and a half hour is pretty bad. I hope you don´t have to work that much every day πŸ™‚



  8. Woow,I didn`t know about this astroid thing!Crazy!
    Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog and I hope you tried the Banana Almond Cereals :).


  9. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, it made my day!
    I also really like your outfit here, it is so cute!

    Have a great Sunday,

  10. That thing with the asteroid was crazy!! But I find it very peculiar that stuff like that doesn’t happen more often… Anyhow, I love your hat, you look great with it. Hope you won’t be doing a 12-hour shift today!

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