New House New House

Return of the Bunneh dress!
From ASOS =)



Cat wanted in on the action!

Well, not really. Shortly after she clawed me and jumped down. 

Last night she was being super cute. She kept sitting on me and purring for ages and falling to sleep. I was kind of trapped because it was too cute for me to move.

Ignore the odd socks =)

We went to view a house today. It is BEAUTIFUL. We just need Christine to see it but Lilly and I are totally sold. The kitchen is a little smaller than ours but a lot nicer. The bedrooms are all the same size which is ideal. There are 3, one in the basement with a bathroom next to it (this is the one I want), one on the 1st floor with another bathroom on that floor (this is the one Lilly wants) and one on the top floor with a really cool bed, the stairs are like at the bottom so you can see them in the room which is really cool. All the rooms are really nice and we are hoping Christine will be happy with the top one, which we think she would be. They are all basically the same size and it makes sense for me to have the bottom one with a floor in between me and Lilly’s room as I play music loud and xbox loud. I cannot wait. Give it to me now.

It’s by a main road with an Asda, Hollywood Bowl, Nandos, Cinema, Gym and a bunch of other stuff oppersite. YES.

How is everyones week going?

Corinne x

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