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How to fix upside down screen.

Hi friends. How’s it going? Today I am wearing a shirt from godknowswhere and this skirt that I bought from Matalan about 6 years ago….

Hi friends. How’s it going?

Today I am wearing a shirt from godknowswhere and this skirt that I bought from Matalan about 6 years ago. Wow, 6 years. Maybe not 6, but at least longer the 4 years ago!

I have not been to Matalan for ages, I used to buy so many things there! I think I may go next week when I get paid. 

Something really sad happened to me this morning! I was on my laptop in bed and this happened:
My computer screen/display turned upside down! I couldn’t remember what I did to make the screen turn the wrong way around, it was a really sad moment. I have fixed it now and thought I would give you a tutorial, ha.

How to fix upside down screen:
Press ctrl + up arrow.

To make it go upside down, you press ctrl + down arrow. 

You should now go and do this to a friend because it will be fun.
That is your task for today, go do it, report back to me. 

I’m wondering if I’ll get in trouble if I do it to all the computers at work…


  1. Haha have you not done the computer screen thing before? I find that hard to believe when you are such a heavy pooter user. I sometimes do it to people at work who are not good with computers (when they are away from their desk) and then wait to see their confusion when they come back hahah.

    Janine xx

  2. Cute outfit! Lovely blog!


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  3. Bummer, Windows 7 Starter doesn’t let me do anything fun like that. But I will be pranking the boyfriend sometime soon 😉

  4. Thinking about it, I haven’t been to Matalan in ages really. But thanks so much for the little tutorial, it hasn’t been an issue yet, but with my lack of technical knowledge, it will be some time soon. Cool blog, I’m following :’) x Olwyn

  5. Hi dear! Please, visit my blog tomorrow, because you´ve been nominated by me ;D for the Best Blog Award, and you´ll be able to check rules and everything else!

  6. that upside down screen is too funny…it would make a good joke to play on friends!!

  7. Oh, that is a super adorable skirt! I would have held onto that too! Love the way you’ve styled with the top, tights, and shoes! x

  8. Hi Corinne! Lol for the screen! If it happens to me I could go mad!! Btw, love your skirt, very nice! Kisses! xo

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