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Dress is from New Look. Some of you may remember this, as I wore it on boxing day for family party. My mother bought it…


Dress is from New Look. Some of you may remember this, as I wore it on boxing day for family party. My mother bought it for me for Christmas. =)

There is a cat in my house. Look.

Cat is on the kitchen table.

Cat is in Pete’s room.

Cat is on my bed.

Pete text me yesterday while I was at work saying ‘why do we have a cat?’. It must be a strange experience to come home and there being a cat in your house.

This cat is my housemates sisters. They have gone away or something so we have the cat for a week. I do not know what this cat is called, or if it is a boy or a girl but I like it. I was under the impression that it was aggressive and scratchy, but it seems okay. Like, when I come near it it rubs against my leg and let’s me stroke it. It kind of just potters around the house exploring, being really quiet.

I hope it doesn’t turn agressive eventually and eat my face.

I just got a reminder on my phone saying there is a new Once Upon a Time for me to watch, so I may get that on the DL now =)

How was everyones weekend?


  1. Cat seems to have scape from a cartoon!! It´s so adorable!! I adore all your dresses, you´ve a very good taste!!

  2. Cute dress! Our neighbors cat wandered into our house the other day and was just pottering about. No idea how it got in but I got quite a shock when I saw it haha. xo

  3. Cute dress! My mum says I have too much stuff and doesn’t buy me things anymore!!

    Love your little kitty friend too! If a cat just appeared in my house I would be a happy girl, and I already have 5. God!! None have ever ate my face though, hope that provides comfort!

    E x

  4. Another cute dress – I like everyone of your dresses so much 🙂

    And a cat in the house is a really good thing! We have two and one of them is sleeping on my desk besides me. Our cats makes me laugh each day and I don´t wanna miss them <3


  5. love your dress!! so cute:) I have a giveaway on my blog and I would love to invite you to join! one big kiss!!


  6. “I hope it doesn’t turn agressive eventually and eat my face.” – 😀 I’m afraid of that too!! Cats tend to freak me out, they scratch too much for my liking. But they are adorable, this one is too. An unexpected roommate, cool.:)

  7. Hi Corinne! I never have cat or dogs at home, so I can imagine how strange could be having one for a week! Though he/she is so nice and got such a sweet face! hope you are enjoying your new friend!:) Btw, adorable dress too! Kisses dear! xo

  8. I really love New Look and think that it’s such a petty you cannot buy it in Germany. This dress is so cute! 🙂

    Kisses, Feli

  9. Lovely outfit, what did your comment say what you left me?
    I’m using my tablet and the buttons are so small and my fat fingers I deleted it by accident 🙁
    Stupid thing it is!
    Leila xx

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