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Bye Cat

Dress is from ASOS Shoes from New Look. Sad news sad news. Cat is gone now. =( SAD. It was a pleasure having her for…

Dress is from ASOS
Shoes from New Look.

Bye Cat

Bye Cat

Bye Cat

Bye Cat

Sad news sad news. Cat is gone now. =( SAD. It was a pleasure having her for the week.

Apart from the whole breaking into my room and getting in bed with me.

Or sitting outside my room and meowing until I let her in, only to want to be let out again 1 min later.

Bye Cat

My cousin is going to be on DIY SOS soon. My mum has photos on Facebook with the presenters and stuff. I will find out more information about this when I call her and find out and also I will let you know when it is on, in case you want to watch it haha.

Peace out bitches!


  1. I´m feeling with you dear – a cat makes each home cosy and comfy and I would be very, very sad, too when my cats would leave me. Our big (fat) cat at the moment sleeps on my side on the desk!

    But when I have a look on you and your lovely dress today: you´re looking great, nothing to see that you´re sad!


  2. So sad about your cat! Sorry dear…. 🙁
    Love your dress, cute print! 🙂
    Stop over my blog too sometime. 🙂

  3. Love the dress, ASOS is amazing.
    Wondering if you would like to follow each other? 🙂
    Please let me know, I follow back right away!

  4. OMG, im so sorry to hear about ur cat. HUGS.
    Yea do share with us the photos soon. Take care!!

  5. ah, that sounds like such typical cat behaviour, i miss that! but it’s sad she’s now left:-( also, the dress is very pretty! x

  6. Love cats :’) plus I totally have your bed covers!! They are so lush!
    Marwa x

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