Woman Womannnnn!

Hi friends. Today I am sporting a Wonder Woman tee which I bought from Primark about a year ago. I do not remember how much…


Hi friends.

Today I am sporting a Wonder Woman tee which I bought from Primark about a year ago. I do not remember how much for. I also am wearing a denim skirt from Tesco and boots from International. 
All these things are old. Sad.

This is basically my day.

Oh, also I had 6 nose bleeds, so that was unfortunate. It’s really interesting when your nose starts bleeding as you are driving around a roundabout.

I also had a nosebleed yesterday and on Sunday. I hope I don’t die.

Going to RELAAAAAXXX a little now as I am so tired and I’m not in until 1pm tomorrow. SMILE.

G’day all!


  1. Have you had your blood pressure taken recently? Frequent nosebleeds can be a symptom of high blood pressure. Also can be caused by having a cold, extremely cold weather and the drying effects of air conditioning so maybe the death doom snowmageddon is causing them?

    Kapow! Wonder Woman!!! Do you know Superman?

    Janine xx

  2. Oh dear!! You are a perfect treasure for a vampire, and, what is better, he wouldn´t have to kill you. For him, you would be a sort of living barrel of fresh blood ;D. Please, forgive me for this stupid joke, but I think you have a very good sense of humour!! On the other hand, I like so much your outfit and who cares if your garments are new or not?

  3. Haha, your shirt reminds of of the housework I have to write for my university course about comics xD
    Also thank you SO much for your great insider tips for Paris, I will definatley check the Moulin Rouge area when I´ll have the time. Unfortunately I´m not going to Paris but with a friend of mine, but I´m sure we´ll have fun checking out the sex shops anyways xD
    I will definately take a lot of pics to share with you 🙂

  4. That sounds kind of scary all the nose bleeds. I hoe you have a better day today. You look great (old but gold right?!)



  5. How comes you’ve had so many unfortunate nose bleeds? They sound awful, and very unfortunate (the roundabout one!)
    Hope you’re feeling better now, and if not then that gives you reason to wear the giraffe onesies!
    Sarah x


  6. You look gorgeous. I love Wonder Woman…since a child! She was my hero, haha! I hope you don’t have any more nose bleeds…is is dry in your house!?! I mean, I used to get nose bleeds a lot in winter because the air was so dry due to the windows being closed and just the heat on, maybe you need some moisture in the air. But, if they continue maybe seeing a doctor would be best! Hope you get better. Have a lovely weekend xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

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