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Twirly Dresses!

Hi everyone! Yesterday was a doff so that means an outfit of the day for you. Hurrah! I did a twirl, made me dizzy. I…


Hi everyone!

Yesterday was a doff so that means an outfit of the day for you. Hurrah!
I did a twirl, made me dizzy.

I wore this little beauty I got from ASOS just before Christmas. It’s reduced to £15 now =) The mustard cardigan is from Tesco and I got it a year ago so it is no more. The necklace is also from Tesco, although it was in the sale and is not in stock on the website. I found it by accident, I was at working walking around and saw somebody had dumped it on a shelf, so it hid it somewhere and then bought it =) First time I have been happy about dumped stock! The tights are old and I have no idea where they are from, probably Primark or Tesco, like all my tights!

 I found out about the lettuce. My housemates are chefs, see and it was going out of date so they were able to bring it home. Lilly used it to make this yummy salad for dinner yesterday.

She added cucumber, sweetcorn, avocado, chicken, bacon and croutons to it then added caesar dressing. Yum!

My ankle seems to be getting worse, for those that don’t remember, I dropped a can of spaghetti on it last week and it seems to be getting bluer and bluer by the day! Ouch!

It really hurts toooooooo. I should go to the doctors and get a weeks sick note. Then I would not be sat here at 5:50am, after 4 hours sleep thinking ‘FML’. I am not a morning person and being up this early kind of makes me want to die. I have coffee. I have weetabix. I have a severe lack of motivation to get ready to do the jobbing. Please go fastttttt today.

Tomorrow off, we are supposed to go skiing but I don’t know how that shall work as we haven’t booked it yet!

Hope everyone else if having a great friday. Are you are morning person or do mornings render you a weeping, depressing mess?

Corinne x


  1. Nice dress, I recognise it…. lol 🙂 looks good on you hun.

    Go to doctors about your ankle, I don’t think you need a whole week off though lol! I would be sacked if I tried to take a whole week off (or even an hour) for anything less than being dead lol.

    Do not go skiing on that ankle missy!!! You will make it worse!!!

    I am quite a good morning person (remember, I used to annoy you so much with it lol) I am still the same, I see you are the same with mornings as before. Mr Bertie is like you for first half an hour and then he wakes up and is like me then 🙂

    Janine xx

    1. I do what I want I do what I want.

      Yes, you did annoy me bc I was always still half asleep and trying to gently adjust to the world, while you are way to lively! hahaha.

      Corinne x

  2. Hi Corinne! Thanks for your comment on my blog, it’s nice to “meet” you 🙂 First off, love that dress – the horse print is so cute! And secondly, OUCH to your ankle. That looks so painful. Hope it heals up soon!

    Happy New Year 🙂

  3. You should definitely get your ankle checked, especially since you are planning to go skiing. If it hurts and getting worse, it’s a must.
    The dress is lovely – really like the pattern and shape.

  4. Lovely dress and I hope your ankle gets better soon!
    Also it´s great to hear that you decided to care for you skin, unfortunately the only good creams I know are German or at least sold in Germany so I don´t know if you´ll get them where you live :/ Also these are creams of which I checked the ingredients for myself so it may be that I didn´t understand the function of the one or the other ingredient and that the cream is still bad for your skin but I´ll share the brands I found nevertheless:
    – Weleda
    – Lavera
    – Beyer & Söhne

    Furthermore I was told that the makeup from the Italian brand Pascal Firenze is inoffensive when it comes to the ingredients. And as I already said in my post Carmex is supposed to be a good lip balm 🙂

    I hope that was somehow helpful, otherwise you could just ask someone at your local pharmacy 😉


  5. That had to be one huge can of pasta! And I’m glad that the lettuce mystery got solved.:) I like those horses all over your dress too, really cute!;)

    1. Hahaha, at first I thought you meant pasta in the salad then I remembered about the can I dropped on my foot. It was only a standard 400g can, it really clipped me though SAD


  6. Hi Corinne! This dress is so cute! I like also the owl necklace! So sorry that the leg still hurts, oh my must be so painful!! Get better soon! Kisses!:*

  7. Hi there
    Im new follower from the blog hop! Love your blog and can’t wait to read more!

    Anyway, are you interested of making new blog friends?
    I was kinda maybe hopin’ that you’d pop on by and follow me back!
    Happy new year


  8. what a cute cute look! love the printed dress with the mustard sweater… and to top it all off that adorable owl necklace. and ohhh goodness sorry about your ankle. yikes! xoxo linds {{}}

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