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Snow! Finally!

I’ve been a terrible blogger, I have been so busy I’ve hardly had time to comment on peoples blogs lately. Weh. I’m going to spend…

I’ve been a terrible blogger, I have been so busy I’ve hardly had time to comment on peoples blogs lately. Weh. I’m going to spend some time tonight catching up on people =)

I hate when real life gets in the way of internet life.

Anyway, let’s start with todays outfit.

Dress is from ASOS, £20
Blue tights from Tesco, were half price in the sale so cost £2
Shoe Boots from ASOS.

My dress is a little big on me, I think I am at a weird size between an 8 and 10. I hate being in between sizes!

Anyway, Saturday night was really good. Me and my friend got our photos taken by some photographer for some reason, it seemed funny at the time but now we are like WHAT? I’ll get her to send me a picture of it at some point and post it, ha. I also had to look after a very drunken and sicky person. The store manager was trying to buy me shots and I kept refusing them because I was working the next day. I kept saying ‘I need to go into work tomorrow and look after your 80,000 square foot store’ and he was like ‘no, OUR STORE do the shot’. Then he paid for us to have another photo with me, my friend, night manager and himself. LOLZ. I need to get hold of that one too because it’s funny.

I should probably explain what this things was – basically every year after Christmas we have a regional party where all the management from the 24 stores in our region are invited, they are in different locations every year, luckily it was in Leeds this time where I live, last year it was in Barnsley and we had to get a hotel and stay over. It was fun times and I was sensible and didn’t get to drunk. Winner.

This morning I woke up to this:

LOTS OF SNOW. It was great. Apart from the having to go to work part of it. 

I got the sweeping brush out so I was able to brush the snow off my car. A car drove by and sprayed all my work shirk, jacket and tights so I had to go back in and get changed. 

I had to take duty when I got in and kept getting loads of people trying to call in sick due to the snow. I say trying as I would tell them to try different options (public transport, taxis, walking to a main road for buses) etc as the main roads were pretty clear. Then I had to sit in a 6 hour meeting about customer service and leadership which made my head hurt.

Now I am home home home – plan is to do my exercises (I started doing sit ups, weights and stretches about a month ago). I am aiming for a six pack, ha. and to be able to do the splits. I am starting to see definition in my stomach which is exciting to me, I wish I had taken a before photo! I may take one now and show any improvement in the future.

Anyway, yes, the plan. Exercises, shower and wash hair then do some blogging.

I have to set off at 6:30am tomorrow so I hope that the roads are not to bad!

How was everyones weekend?



  1. woah getting randomly photographed? Impressive! I wonder where your pictures will get showcased 😉

    and haha i hate when life gets in the way of internet life too. and LOVE your dress here, the bow and peter pan collar are adorable!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. I like your tights. I am glad you got the snow too. We had allsorts of people claiming they couldn’t get in. Not in our actual office though, everyone walked in even from like 4 miles from town. There is no laziness allowed in our office lol. Tell them off, lazy beggars!!!

    Janine xx

  3. Hi Corinne! It seems a very lovely weekend! The snow is really much, I’m not used to it and I can imagine sometimes it could be bad! Btw, lovely dress! I like the tights you paired and love your booties!! Kisses and have a good day!! xo

  4. Love the dress and the shoes! There’s no way I could walk in boots like that… I had a bit of a weird weekend, because all my dinner plans got cancelled because of the snow. I spent most of it going for walks and then hiding under my duvet with DVDs… I actually really enjoyed it. xx

  5. Awesome shoes!! And here in Canada its snowy and too cold and windy! I can’t bear to be outside more than 2 minutes. Its days like these I am looking forward to spring!

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