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Please snow bigger!

Hello! Jumper : Primark (old) Skirt : Tesco (old) Tights : Tesco, £4 down to £2 in sale. Shoes : ASOS £19. I am so…


Jumper : Primark (old)
Skirt : Tesco (old)
Tights : Tesco, £4 down to £2 in sale.
Shoes : ASOS £19.

I am so disappointed! I was promised snow. It was lightly snowing all yesterday evening, I was expecting to wake up with 4ft of snow on the ground, but there is hardly anything settled. The grass, roofs and cars have snow on them, but everything else, meh. It got really heavy this morning but now it seems to have stopped.

Use your mental energy to will snow to fall in West Yorkshire, please!

Do you have snow where you are?
Are you a snow lover or a snow hater?


  1. Oh, it snowed here yesterday. And all morning today. But not like in a romantic comedy, it was more like a scene out of a horror movie where everyone dies at the end.:D I’d be happy to switch places with you.:)

  2. I would have been doing jumping jacks! I hate snow. Cute sweater today and love those colored tights too!

  3. No snow in arizona, but it’s certainly cold enough for it. When I lived in upstate new york I always used to wine that if it HAD to be cold, I wanted to be snowed in. Then I could stay home, make soup, bake bread and hang out in front of the fire!

  4. Hey Corinne, I like the mix of patterns on the jumper and skirt, and the toning colours…matched yet mis-matched 🙂 On the snow front….I love it but didn’t get any, my mum hates it and got some…where’s the justice?! Following you now 🙂 x

  5. haha while everyone is at it, please wish for snow in chicago too! i keep getting teased the same way as you- i have my sleds all ready to go play, and that snow just keeps on melting on me. so frustrating! on another note, i love your tights choice for this look!

  6. No snow here at the moment!! I love your sweater!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. Ooh I might have to go to Tesco to get some coloured tights, do they have grey/charcoal ones? I really want some that colour. I like your jumper missy 🙂

    I loooove snow, but you know that already lol.

    Janine xx

  8. Hi Corinne!! Thanks for visiting my site. Yours is different and ejoyable. What do you think about following each other on GFC and/or Bloglovin? Tell me, pleased, and I´ll follow you back!!

  9. That jumper is lovely! I must confess to being a snow hater though, I hate the cold, and I hate not being able to get to work.

  10. Hey, thank you ♥ And yes there was a hell of a lot snow today! And I got completely soaked T.T But it looked beautiful. I did not know Tesco was doing clothes and I also did not know that they are so pretty. The skirt you are wearing is adorable ♥

  11. It never snows in my town 🙁
    Love your sweater!

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  12. love the jumper, looks really cozy! and i was quite looking forward to some snow, i’m used to having loads of it in finland, haha. as long as it doesn’t snow while i’m walking to uni, it can snow all the time:-) x

  13. Well I’ll use some of my mental energy to get it to snow, or send some of our snow your way! Love the colored leggings 😀


  14. This is a beautiful blog and I love this post! I’m a new follower so would love if you’d follow back
    much love x

  15. This outfit is cute as a button!

    We had some snow in Buckinghamshire where I live, I like the snow provided it doesn’t make travelling about dangerous or difficult!!


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