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Jumpy Jump Housemate Photos

My housemate Lilly took my photos today. She made me jump, apparently the shutter speed on iPhone is really slow. Hi Lilly. I found out…


My housemate Lilly took my photos today. She made me jump, apparently the shutter speed on iPhone is really slow. Hi Lilly. I found out that my housemates read my blog. How is it going?

Dress is from ASOS, got it in the sale for £13, it is now sadly out of stock!
Shoes also from ASOS, same ones I wore yesterday, cost me £19.

I bought the dress just before Christmas, I thought it looked really familiar and then saw Janine’s profile picture on blogger and realise it is the same one she has on! Oops, I think that is 3 dresses with have the same now… we defiantly have to discuss what we are wearing next time we see each other!

I spent ages yesterday looking out houses online, as I am saving up for a mortgage, you see, and was looking at what I can afford within my price range (It’s going to take me around 2 years to save up, I think.. weh). I have played the lottery tonight and tomorrow night so when I win I can buy this:

Look at it, it is like something out of a disney. It is probably haunted, this excites me. I will need a cleaner. Or two. Oh no. I may aswell get an ironing lady while I’m at it..

I am really sad because the house I wanted, which was £1.8m has now sold out.
It is kind of depressing looking at houses in my price range after dreaming of this one…

I worked 7am-6pm today. So tired and so so so cold, but I have a very happy day off tomorrow. I bought some wine from work and housemates and I are going to have a few drinks and play some games. We are really hardcore, we are all off tomorrow and instead of going out like normal ladies in their early and mid 20’s, well probably end up playing monopoly, or game of life, or doing the impossipuzzle I got as an Christmas gift. Heee.

I bought new boots today from Tesco, and a new makeup palette. This is exciting, but more about that tomorrow.. I am going to comment on some blogs and then go chill out and listen to music with Lilly until Christine gets home.

Lilly got her hair dyed and cut. She is letting me blog it.

Before it was brown/light brown the blonde highlights.


What are you plans this weekend?


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  1. love the dress and your game night sounds really nice:-) also, the house of your dreams may well be my dream house as well, haha! x

  2. My dresssssss lol, ok not my dress but the same. Have a fun night! Looking at houses online is exciting 🙂 I do it all the time, it motivates me to earn more money which is always a good thing!!

    I am seeing my Mummy this weekend (she has made me a jumper and I am going to put it on my blog woop) then I am sewing a dress for Dom’s niece and cleaning the house and doing loads of sorting, non stop weekend. I have loads of washing (about 6 loads) and ironing to do too, this is a weeks worth of washing, how do we create this with just two of us???? I think Frankie is adding to the washing pile secretly or something

    Janine xx

  3. Lol the first shots made me smile, so cute! I like your dress, great purchase! As well as the shoes! Seems you had a nice plan for the weekend! I will be out as well, also to see some stores and sales! Kisses and have a good one dear! xo

  4. Fun jumping pictures! Love the new boots too, I’ve so been wanting a pair and can’t seem to find the right ones anywhere here.

  5. The jump or better yet the shutter is a mess, but the dress is really really REALY adorable. ADORABLE! I also like wine to unwind in the evenings after a long day working.;)

  6. Hi Corinne, that’s a cute lil dress 🙂 and I have really enjoyed reading your posts too….you have a clever way with words! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 x

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