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Forgotten Treasures

Good Morning World! This is my dress from Tuesday, it is actually one I forgot I had, I haven’t worn it in around 2 years!…


Good Morning World!

This is my dress from Tuesday, it is actually one I forgot I had, I haven’t worn it in around 2 years! It is from a shop that is unfortunately closed down now, it had the prettiest dresses. It was called ‘m butterfly’. I searched online and there is no website or anything for it, so I guess it has gone forever. Sadface. It cost me around £15 I believe. I’m wearing the cardigan I got from my Mum at Christmas, a necklace that is also years old so I have no links and boots from Tesco which I got around 5 years ago. Wow, I have a lot of old stuff, haha!


Sorry for the multiple locations! I was trying really hard to get the best lighting! It is hard work hard work, I ended up in my housemates room, I hope she doesn’t mind!

At least she isn’t working today so I can get her to take photos of what I will wear today, which I have not decided yet.

Hear is some nail candy for you:

They are out of an OPI set my mum got me for Christmas, the bottom pinkish colour is called ‘Nail Envy Cool Pink’ and the top sparkly colour is called ‘Save me’.


 Hmm, when I got home from work last night, I opened the fridge and saw this MASSIVE bag of lettuce. WHATTT? WHAT? I don’t know. Why does anyone need so much iceberg, I will investigate the situation with my housemates.

I started the morning with 2 massive cups of tea, because one is never enough!

I’m also wearing the Giraffe onsie I got for Christmas. I would love to sit here all day like this, but I promised myself I would no longer laze about on my days off and actually get dress and wear real clothes like a real person does. I am an ‘adult’ now after all and should probably start acting like one. 

Are you guys fans of onsies? Link me to posts/pictures with you in them. They make me SMILE!

Corinne x


  1. I do not own a onesie, damn. I tried one and it cut me in two up the ladybits so decided against it. Damn tallness.

    I love that dress, the detailing is wonderful xx

  2. Hallo Corinne, I am happy to find your blog, like your style!

    Happy New Year, many kisses and follow you!

  3. I’d kill for your onesie!!! I’ve been looking for a cozy cute onesie for myself for the longest time… Anyhow, thanks for your comment, hun, it really means A LOT when people read what I write! Will be checking your deviantart link the moment I finish writing this comment.;)
    P.S.: Iceberg is good for humans, or so they say, maybe that’s the reason.:D

  4. I love finding things in my closet! This color of dress is great on you.

  5. I like this dress on you 🙂

    Is anyone into cleansing/detoxing in your house? Or maybe it is for work for one of them? I like lettuce, I bet I could eat 1kg in like one day, challenge???

    Hope you had a lovely day off

    Janine xx

  6. love sparkle nail polish! “thank you for answering all the questions“? don’t be silly, i had so much fun! are you kidding me? :DDD thanks again for nominating me. i was pleasantly surprised and it gave me something substantial to post.

    it’s so cool that you’re a tea person, too. but then again, you’re english. i can’t say it’s a rarity. lol. i’m a total tea person. the best parties are tea parties, i’d have to say!

    1. Haha, us british do love our tea! My housemate is obsessed with the stuff. If we run out of milk she almost cries.

  7. Hi dear, you have a wonderful blog 🙂 I simply love it.
    Would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

  8. Glad you like my blog 🙂
    Hope you can understand well what i write ? If you don’t there”s a translator button on my page ! I live in France and I agree with you the language is complicated with all the construction of sentences, grammar ect but anyways I’d rather speak and wrote english fluently 🙂 that’s the language I prefer ! I live in Montpellier it’s in the south of France don’t know if you have already heard about this city ? but i originally came from Cannes 🙂 and was born in St Tropez ! That’s it girl you know everything ^^



  9. Lovely dress 🙂 thank you for your comment on my blog.
    Topshop do the jumper you liked in loads of colours now – I’m working on a post of them all!
    Rocky Horror Picture Show was amazing!! I didn’t know what to expect but the music was incredible and even though I saw it in a small theatre the atmosphere was amzing! You’d love it 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness I LOVE The onesie, where can I get such onesies?

    I also have heaps of older clothes, clothes that I purchased 5 or even 10 years ago! it’s a bit crazy.

  11. lovely post. I’m worried about your ankl thoughe. It should be getting better and changing to yellow, etc. Might be time to have i looked at. Happy New Year wishes and thank you for sharing at the hop. I hope you will stop by again soon. I posted the new giveaway today! xo

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