Forgotten Treasures

Good Morning World!

This is my dress from Tuesday, it is actually one I forgot I had, I haven’t worn it in around 2 years! It is from a shop that is unfortunately closed down now, it had the prettiest dresses. It was called ‘m butterfly’. I searched online and there is no website or anything for it, so I guess it has gone forever. Sadface. It cost me around £15 I believe. I’m wearing the cardigan I got from my Mum at Christmas, a necklace that is also years old so I have no links and boots from Tesco which I got around 5 years ago. Wow, I have a lot of old stuff, haha!


Sorry for the multiple locations! I was trying really hard to get the best lighting! It is hard work hard work, I ended up in my housemates room, I hope she doesn’t mind!

At least she isn’t working today so I can get her to take photos of what I will wear today, which I have not decided yet.

Hear is some nail candy for you:

They are out of an OPI set my mum got me for Christmas, the bottom pinkish colour is called ‘Nail Envy Cool Pink’ and the top sparkly colour is called ‘Save me’.


 Hmm, when I got home from work last night, I opened the fridge and saw this MASSIVE bag of lettuce. WHATTT? WHAT? I don’t know. Why does anyone need so much iceberg, I will investigate the situation with my housemates.

I started the morning with 2 massive cups of tea, because one is never enough!

I’m also wearing the Giraffe onsie I got for Christmas. I would love to sit here all day like this, but I promised myself I would no longer laze about on my days off and actually get dress and wear real clothes like a real person does. I am an ‘adult’ now after all and should probably start acting like one. 

Are you guys fans of onsies? Link me to posts/pictures with you in them. They make me SMILE!

Corinne x

1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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