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Dress from ASOS. I am sadmad because I bought it for £20 but it is now reduced to £12. Pick it up here. It has…


Dress from ASOS. I am sadmad because I bought it for £20 but it is now reduced to £12. Pick it up here. It has bunnehs on it. =)

Gosh gosh. Saturday night Lilly and I decided to sup some wine. This ended up with us dancing on the kitchen chairs while listening to funny music. I share pictures with you now.

At one point Lilly decided to put my work shirt on and style it in her own way.

Little one got home, got self a drink

Then joined us on the chairs.

She wanted toast. Lilly wanted her to dance to Taylor Swift.


Lilly ate the snow. Or something. I DUNNO.

Needless to say, I was very hungover the next day and had to work. I only drank 2 glasses of white and two glasses of red. SAD MY ALCOHOL TOLERANCE IS GETTING EMBARASSING.

I am off fffffffrbigiushghsroiu work now until Sunday. This is the best news I’ve had all year. I wish every day was a doff, that would be perfect. We are supposed to be going somewhere for a couple nights, we better get booking a hotel or something because we are all really bad at things like this. I shall start to look now and hopefully have a few picks for when the kids get home.

Nice weekened, everyone?


  1. That dress is amazing! I love the bunnies! And your story is hilarious hahaha that night sounds awesome


  2. I am glad you got something booked (I am just catching up on your blog) yey fun for time off. Sad about the hangover at work though, have you not learnt about not drinking on a work night yet? lol. Nice dress 🙂

    Janine xx
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