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Back from Newcastle =)

I am back. I am back. I am back. Hello. I have missed zee blog.  We got to our hotel around 2:30pm on Tuesday afternoon,…

I am back. I am back. I am back.

Hello. I have missed zee blog. 

We got to our hotel around 2:30pm on Tuesday afternoon, the drive was okay. Win. This is us all chilling in the room.

We got a room for 3 adults and it had two double beds in it, which meant I got a double bed all to myself. SCORE.

We then went to TGI Fridays to eat. Lilly and I tried to take a photo but apparently we were not very photogenic that day :/

In the evening, we went out. We went to revolutions and then found somebody Christine and Lilly used to work with, so kind of tagged along with them and when to this bar called Tup tup palace. It was REALLY busy, like an old warehouse type club with no ceilings. 

We made friends with some Irish guys at the end of the night, they were they just for the night and had to get a flight at 9am, WHAT?

One of the Irish guys at a saved by the bell tshirt on, LOLZ.

The non ceiling :/

The next day we went to a museum in the centre of Newcastle called ‘Life‘.

They had this weird thing that played music ever hour or so and spat out electric bolt type things.

There was also a 4D motion ride that was REALLY cool, 3D screen and the seats moved and it was like you were on a hoverbike thing having a race and could feel all the movements. 

They also had this weird screen on the ceiling inside a theatre that played movies. We watched one about the planets and one about aliens.

We also saw this other show thing about how to make cool things with objects you find around your house. I had to go up on the stage and get on a hovercraft. Scared. I got goggles and anything. But no photos. Boo.

I found vitacoco in the shop =) Happy.

Today we went to Beamish, it’s a museum about life in the olden days. It was SO SO SO cool, but also very windy and rainy. Therefore we didn’t take any pictures. Apart from the one of the pony. Hi pony. Ponies bite.

This is a VERY tired looking me in the outfit I wore yesterday. 
Dress is from ASOS, £15 at the moment, click here to grab it.

Here is a picture of a pikachu cat.

The end.


  1. As I can read, you´ve had a very good time!! Glad for you, girls!! Love your dresses, although are´nt they too light for that cool temperature ;D?

  2. Hi Corinne! Seems you had a very great time there!:) Lovely photos, the pony is so sweet and lol for the pikachu cat, never seen it!!XD Kisses!! xo

  3. Hi, came across your blog via Lisa. You look like you had a fun time!! Never been out in Newcastle – must put it on the to do list! Plus is it wrong to want a saved by the bell t-shirt?!? X

  4. Welcome back, looks like you had great fun 🙂 I think we are going to Newcastle for valentines (been wanting to go back for ages just need to sort the hotel tomorrow, I know where I want to stay I am just too lazy/tired to book at moment lol, must sort it out) Is that cat real?

    Janine xx
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  5. Only one photo of Beamish??? I was looking forward to that, damn that weather!! But that pony is extra cute and looks extra harmless.:) But I know that they can be mean, once one bit my aunt right in the middle of her cleavage.:D I know it’s not supposed to be funny, but I think it’s hilarious.:D

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