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UK November Glossy Box

Ahh, I am so sorry I am late at reviewing and sharing my November Glossy Box, this needs to get better now. I also have…


Ahh, I am so sorry I am late at reviewing and sharing my November Glossy Box, this needs to get better now. I also have my December box to do. Oh dear!

Anyway, this is Novembers box :

Novembers theme was ‘stocking fillers’

Product 1 : Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm. £18 for 50ml

I tried this out a couple of times, it claims to control sebum production fro sweat preventing streaking. To be honest, it seemed on par with my current BB cream (Garnier Miracle Skin Protector), although I do like this product, I woud not spent the £18 on it when I can get something else just as good for £6-8. 6/10.

Product 2 : Burberry Body Eat de Parfum. £75 for 85ml.

Description : An effortless sensual, feminine fragrance with an eclectic combination of green absinthe, rose and cashmeran. Although I do like this perfume, it isn’t ‘floral’ enough for my liking and has quite a bitter/citrus scent. I would probably buy it if it was in the £30-40 range and actually went looking online for some cheaper versions. 7/10.

Product 3 : Alison Claire Natural Beauty Mango Body Butter. £15 for 200ml.

This is an organic mango scented body butter with cocoa butters. I am not really a fan of body butters, or of the mango smell. The consistency is fairly standard. I was not overly impressed with this and would rather stick to my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, because I love the smell of it! 3/10.

Product 4: Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat. £11-12 for 10ml.

One of the ‘best sellers’ of Nails Inc. What can I say about this? Pretty standard top coat. Meh. 4/10.

Product 5 : Dermalogicia Daily Microfoilant. £38.50 for 75g. 

Wow, what an interesting product. It is an exfoliator in power form. Simply wet your hands, apply some power to make a paste and rub on your face. It is def different from anything else, I have not used on a consistant enough basis to be able to see if it does anything different from my usual face wash. I am excited to carry on using this sample and I’ll update if I discover anything exciting!

That is it for Novembers Glossy Box,
You can see my October video on YouTube here:

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