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UK December Glossy Box

Hi hi! Welcome to my unboxing of Decembers Glossy Box.  Glossy box is a monthly subscription of £10 where you get 5 beauty products to…

Hi hi! Welcome to my unboxing of Decembers Glossy Box. 
Glossy box is a monthly subscription of £10 where you get 5 beauty products to sample.

Video, or scroll below for photos/review.

Product 1: Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream £14.79 for 200ml

YAYAYAY. This stuff is wonderful. I put a golf ball sized clump on my hair after washing and towel drying, blew dry and straightened as usual and my hair smelt wonderful! I also noticed my hair was a lot shinier. I am going to be SO tempted to buy this when I run out! 9/10

Product 2: Seche Nail Lacquer shade Portobello £9.95 for 14ml
When I first got this, I wasn’t too keen on the colour, but I must say that the colour has grown on me. This is the third day of me wearing it and I am pleased to report it has only chipped a tiny but on the edges. Not near as much as other brands as use, this is a miracle seeing as I did a full shift at work with it on! It dried quick and only required on coat, I would look into buying more from this brand in the future! 8/10.

Product 3: Sebamed Anti-Dry Night Intensive Cream £9.99 for 50ml

This product is designed for sensitive skin. Perfect for mine! I used it last night and it felt wonderful. The smell is very neutral and it made my skin feel nice when I applied it. I would def consider buying this, it isn’t too expensive, I may look into buying the full range once my current moisturisers have ran out. 7/10.

Product 4: Lemon by Mary Greenwell. £90 for 100ml, £60 for 50ml or £30 for the purse spray.

I am not a fan of citrus scents at all, so this didn’t do much for me. It has a sherbety smell to it and if I was going to wear it, I defiantly wouldn’t do so in the winter! 3/10.

Product 5: Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick in Coral Reef, £4.99 for 3.5g

This colour is really really bright, I was not sure at first if I could pull it off because even though I want to wear red/pink/dark lipstick, I tend to stick to neutral colours. But after looking at myself in the mirror for 10 mins or so, I got used to it and realised that it wasn’t so bad. Happy with this sample and it’s a decent size too. Shall I be brave and wear it? 6/10

Bonus : Glossybox Blusher in Glossy Pink.

I love this and it suit my skin so much better than my current blush, so I am switching it out and will now be using this instead. YAY!!!!!

Aahh! Today has been exhausting  I hardly slept at all last night and was up at 6:30. I even took sleeping pills around 1am but they didn’t help at all! Christmas week in retail is not my friend AT ALL. Glad to be home, although I have to do it all again tomorrow!

How has everyone’s day been?


  1. Wear the lipstick, that colour actually suits you and your skintone more than the colours you usually wear (although the usual ones would be good for work you sooo need to put this on for nights out – gorgeous!!)

    I like the idea of the hair stuff too!

    My day has just started so I will report back and let you know lol.

    Janine xx

    1. Thanks, although the colour doesn’t really show properly, I should get another picture in natural light but it is hard work seeing as it is dark when I set off for work and dark when I come home from work! Woe!

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