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Ugly Christmas Jumper

Hihi. Yesterday at work it was ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper’ day. Haha. Oh no, so I had to buy this from Boohoo. It is quite baggy,…


Yesterday at work it was ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper’ day. Haha. Oh no, so I had to buy this from Boohoo. It is quite baggy, I was kind of hoping for something a little smaller, this is the S/M size. It cost £18.

Also trying to rock the bright lipstick again!

Wwwweeeeehh what a day. I was duty manager this evening and it was hard work, checkouts were kind of screwed so I just spent most of my shift either sat on a checkout and having to hand duty phone to a non checkout trained manager, or running the checkouts. Glad it is over. One more day to go any then 3 days off.

Have you guys all finished for Christmas.

Look, I am cycling to lapland at work:


  1. I love your jumper, it doesn’t look too big at all looks to fit just right (those ones from BooHoo are not meant to be fitted,I got one last year in XS and it fits like a size 12 – BooHoo is big on sizing anyway) If you want a sexy fitted one you will have to pay like £60+ from Topshop or ASOS. I know we love the Christmas jumpers but we can’t go there….lol. I know a place in town that does fitted Christmas jumper dresses for £7 – £11…. if you fancy popping over I am about on Christmas Eve doing some last minute bits of shopping in the morning, then I am meeting Joelle for lunch (at 1pm) with new baby and her older son and Olivia with her son. Feel free to pop over in morning for shopping and a coffee and to stay to meet the girls for lunch too (wasn’t too sure if you would like that bit as it will be kids galore, I am going to take some colouring books and chocolate and hope for the best lol) Let me know, I will be in town from 9am ish

    Janine xx

    1. That sounds good, I THINK I WOULD ENJOY THAT WHERE CAN I PARK MY VEHICLE? I am going to Doncaster later in the day so if I can wrap presents and get everything sorted tonight should be fine. I need to be home for about 7pm so that is plenty of time! It would be nice to have a catch up I think it has been over 2 years? Remember when you came to visit me in France and a tall blonde girl walked out of the arrivals gate and I went up and tried to hug her because I thought it was you? This will be our situation.

      I’ll text you later
      Corinne x

    2. I didn’t know you did that haha, a tall girl?? You must have forgotten what I looked like at that point hahah. Yeah I will be in town really early (like 10am) just for a couple of hours so we could have a quick coffee (have to warn you I will be in full on manic shopping mode) and hit the shops for an hour or two? I am meant to meet Joelle and Olivia for lunch at 1 but I am going to ask them if they can move it to 12 I think as I am feeling really ill today and the quicker I can get home the better it will be for me. Being in town for hours wont be good for me, I am already shaking from all the rushing around today! I hope you remember what I look like lol.

      YOU CAN PARK YOUR CAR IN THE KINGSGATE (lol did you like the upper case?)

      Janine xx

    3. I hope I remember what you look like too. I told you I did that when the real you came through the door. You must have forgotten, that weekend was pretty jam packed of stuff to remember =)

      I am so excited to see you yay!

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