Poor ankle

Hihihihihihi. Happy Saturday everyone, so happy today as I am not at work. Hurrah! I wish I was not at work every day. It is…



Happy Saturday everyone, so happy today as I am not at work. Hurrah! I wish I was not at work every day. It is when I am most happy.

Rebecca Black reminded me on twitter that there will be no more Fridays in 2012, that is sad, has everyone heard her song? What did you think of it? I think it was great and hilarious. 

This what I am wearing today, sorry the pictures are in my bathroom, my bedroom just has rubbish lighting and this seemed like the best place to take them.

Dress is from ASOS, you can buy it here. I finally got it delivered this morning, was getting worried as I got a card yesterday saying it was the 2nd delivery attempt and at the 3rd I’d have to call and get it rearranged. Even though there was no first delivery attempt cards. What I hate about Hermes is that they never put the name on the card, and because 4 of us live in the same house I wasn’t sure if the card was for me or one of my housemates. I’m also wearing the cardigan that I got for Christmas and some shoes that I got about 4 years ago, they are my favorite shoes, I am not sure where I got them from though!

I dropped a can of spaghetti on my ankle at work on Thursday, it really hurt and has given me this lovely bruise. My legs are covered in bruises, God knows what I have been doing to myself the past few days!  

I watched ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ last night. I LOVED the book and the movie was excellent too, I would recommend them to anyone, but just make sure you read the book first!

How is everyone else spending their Saturday? Mine is not too exciting, I am just blogging, watching youtube videos and doing washing. I just went down to put another load in and realised I’d not press ‘start’ on the previous load. Woe.

I also have a dilemma, I have 2 wardrobes and they are both full, I have a massive pile of clothes and washing with no where to put them! Time for a clean out maybe?


  1. Hi Corinne! Your dress is very cute, I like also the cardi you paired! Btw, so sorry for your legs! Hope you can heal soon! Happy weekend and happy new year dear! xoxo

  2. Bruises will fade away very soon! I really like your dress!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. You look adorable in that dress! I wish I could pull off that kind of style. And that ankle looks painful… hope it heals up soon!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you’ve already done it or have way more than 200 followers, I apologize. I’m never sure on followers, and regardless, I really like your blog so I picked you because I thought you’d have interesting answers. No pressure though! If you end up doing it, please shoot me a link to your post! Happy holidays! 🙂

  4. Agh I am stupid, I linked this dress on my ASOS sale picks and then forgot to buy it myself and now it has sold out in my size, oh well lol. It looks very nice on you 🙂

    Poor ankle, get better soon!!

    Janine xx

  5. very nice outfit!!! and your dress is great!!! 🙂 🙂 If you want you can take a look on my blog!!I’m a new blogger !!!!! 🙂 We can follow each other!!What do you think??? 🙂 Just let me know your answer -where you follow me- on my blog and then i followed you back!!!

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  6. Nice post dear 🙂 I like it and I just followed you 😉
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    Have a nice weekend!

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  7. ouch your poor ankle. I am always covered in bruises too ( but that is because I am clumsy, LOL) Thank you for hopping over to Katherines Corner. I am your newest follower xo

  8. I really love your outfit!! Nice blog!! Maybe you would like to follow each other on facebook and gfc? Let me know dear ♥
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  9. i’ve just realised the way you write is so incredibly ENGLISH… i love it! 😀 😀 (is it weird how i can almost “hear” your british accent coming through in your writing???) if you’re not english, then, deepest apologies. maybe sometimes i’m more delusional than usual. lol.

    is it strange that i happen to not mind bruises so much? (especially the purple ones, i think they’re quite pretty..) but i’m sorry about that can of spaghetti falling on your ankle. can’t imagine that must’ve been too enjoyable a sensation.

    and i’m jealous that you’ve beat me to Perks of Being a Wallflower. for some reason, my boy friend can’t seem to get a decent downloadable version just yet so i’m stuck waiting..! D: miserableeee.

    happy new year’s eve, darlin’! have yourself a wonderful one.
    wave 2012 out in style. (;

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