Hey there everyone!How is it going? Today was day off from work, so me and my housemates went into Leeds centre and did some shopping…


Hey there everyone!

How is it going? Today was day off from work, so me and my housemates went into Leeds centre and did some shopping and then went and had a pub lunch, I had a lovely prawn and avocado salad, there  was a girl playing the piano live and singing, I was so jealous of her and her beautiful voice. I wanted to stab her in the face. 

It is so so so cold! I just got in now. Look how dull it looks out of our kitchen window :

When we got back our stupid (male :p) housemate had left the door open! Whhhattt! He is rubbish. I was terrified that somebody had stolen our stuff, but thankfully we were fine. But seriously, I have so many gadgets and tech! I would not know what I would do if we got burgled again (we got burgled last year around this time. Doom). I would probably kill myself. Dramatic.

Just wanted to share what I wore, I’ll post what I bought probably tomorrow, it’s nothing exciting really, a few bits from Primark and some nail varnish.

So, here goes! 

Haha, I was doing a twirl while housemate was taking my photo! EEE.

The dress was 2 dresses for £25 from a stall in Camden market, London I got it when I went in september. There were so many wonderful dresses there, I was pleasantly surprised to find they actually have a website where you can buy the clothing online! Def go and check it out, it is very reasonably priced and everything is so cute. Win win.

The belt is one I got from New Look the other day and the boots, I have no idea where I got them from. They are just plain black and I didn’t want to do a close up as they are a bit dirty and I am way to lazy to clean then. Woe woe. Embarrassment.

The jacket was from Topshop last year and cost £60. I didn’t actually end up wearing this out as it was too cold, so I chose a thicker, longer red one.

Close up of the broach that comes with the dress, and the necklace is from ASOS but is sold out now =(

Bracelets and ring also from ASOS.

I got the brown nail varnish in my December Glossy Box, so more about that when I do that update!

The dress actually has an attached belt made out of fabric that ties around the back, But I didn’t like the way it looked so I kind of wrapped it around myself and hid it with the belt. I am feeling very very tempted to cut it off because it is kind of annoying but I don’t want to ruin the dress! What do you think?

How has everyones day been? Is everyone ready for Christmas? I am NOT ready at all. But never am.  Tell me your fav Christmas song, I’m in the mood to listen to some while reading up on some blogs!


  1. Very nice dress. If you want to chop the belt off go for it! If you are always going to wear that belt over it anyway it wont matter, I do things like this all the time. Just don’t go too close to the dress fabric with it.

    I don’t think you need to be so jealous of people that you want to stab them in the face lol I think you need to work on that (deep breaths haha)

    I am so angry at boy for leaving door open, what is wrong with him?!?! I think you should have a fine situation where if anyone does that (or something similar that puts any of your possessions or the house at risk) that person has to put £10 into the jar and then the money can be spent on wine when you have a fair bit and you can have a ‘look how lucky we are that we weren’t burgled’ party!! Silly silly boy!!!

    I love Fairytale of New York and also Last Christmas by Wham, what are your favourites?

    Check out some of the blogs I follow, they have some gorgeous posts and outfits 🙂

    Janine xx

    1. Haha, I knew you would tell me to chop chop the belt off!

      I am angry with him too. He is just a douche sometimes! Oh dear, man brain. He tried to blame us even though he went out after us and I saw Christine LOCK THE DOOR. OH MAN.

      I alos love Fairytale of New York. It is the best. And it says arse and faggot which is fun. I am surprised they let us play it at work!

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