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OOTD : lounging around the house.

Ah, this is my outfit for yesterday, my wonderful DOFF. I basically didn’t leave the house so was wearing pretty casual stuff but wanted to…

Ah, this is my outfit for yesterday, my wonderful DOFF. I basically didn’t leave the house so was wearing pretty casual stuff but wanted to share anyway. 

This shirt is merchandise from one of my favorite YouTubers, iJustine. She is a fun lady who lives in LA and posts vlogs, reviews, gameplay, sketches and lots of other stuff across her multiple YouTube channels. My housemates CANNOT stand her and find her obnoxious, but I love her. I am not allowed to talk about her infront of them =(

Haha, wonderful slippers I got from Tesco last year. I did look on their webiste but they do not have anything similar!

The cardigan/shrug is also from Tesco last year, so no link for you =(
The jeans are from Primark, I got them the other day. Whooo. More about them in an upcoming blog!

Necklace is from ASOS and one of my favorite necklaces to wear. It is kind of creepy, I cannot help but love it and people always compliment me on it all the time =)

Today was long long. Left for work at 7:45, get on in at 8:30 and left at 20:45 and got home at 21:45. Long long. Tomorrow is going to b elong to. Busy and it goes so quick! Today was ugly Christmas jumper day so I will post some photos of my ugly Christmas jumper tomorrow and you can all LOL at me =)

I am happy the world did not end today, I would not have been able to get the 3 new dresses I ordered from ASOS last night. BOO. I was scared when I was driving to work this morning at 8am and the sky was so grey and foggy, like it was going to collapse on the world. And I saw like 3 ambulances and 2 police cars with sirens and lights flashing and was like OH NO IT’S HAPPENING. And when I was doing a meeting at work the pod shoot (where cashiers put the money and it kind of sucks it through tubes into the cash office) had pipes going through the room, which we don’t usually go in, and made massive suction noises and I just flung my head onto the table and said OH NO THE END OF THE WORLD. I am professional, see. 

Do you watch a lot of YouTube videos? What are you favorite youtubers/channels? Here are mine:

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  1. Haha as professional as me! I am glad we didn’t have interviews booked in this morning as they always run over the 11am hour, which means I would have prob freaked out in middle of interview, the candidates would have loved that haha. I do not know who this Justine is but I don’t like Youtube (Still cant force myself to like, I am trying) so not sure I want to look just yet, maybe tomorrow if I feel brave 🙂

    My favourite youtube channel is yours, it is the only one I actually watch! I used to watch a cooking one but then I got better at baking so I away-ed her as I no longer needed it, I am so fickle lol

    What you up to tonight?

    Janine xx

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