Moar things I bought =)

I went shopping on Monday with my housemates.. WHAATTTT MONDAY AND I AM ONLY JUST POSTING THIS NOW? Sorry guys! Working a lot and have just not had time.

Here we go!

I decided I needed some jumper type things for wearing around the house, I probably should stop wearing either really nice dresses or pyjamas. I need some middle ground. I got this top/jumper type thing from Primark, £8

Close up of the pattern detail and also colour!

I also got this from Primark but I don’t think I like it. Boo. I wish I had the patience to try things on in that shop but I just do not. I’ll probably just wear this to sleep in when it is super cold in my room. It is too short for my long torso and just makes me look frumpy. Weh. Good job it was only £6

These teal/blue jeans are also from Primark. I LOVE THEM. I am so happy that I have lost some weight so I feel comfortable wearing colourful jeans. It is the best. These set me back £11

I also bought these 3 Rimmel nail varnishes from Superdrug. I think they were £2.99 each on 3 for 2.

Ruby Crush:

Diamond Dust:

I’ve not worn this one yet, but it is a purple with sparkles in called Pompous

Although I love the first two, you have to put like 3 coats on unless you wear a colour underneath and it chips really easily. Only wore them one day and then swapped because it chipped really fast. I usually change my nail varnish every 3 days or so. Sad.

I HAVE DONE WITH WORK. Until Thursday. Busy busy I am so glad it is over but also a little sad I am not working tomorrow because everyone is so happy and jolly on Christmas eve and it is a great atmosphere. One of my friends got me a present and I did not get her one back. Oh no woe, guilt. I shall buy something back for her if I see something fun that would suit in the upcoming months. I have to wrap presents and I do not want to wrap anything. Going to the parents tomorrow 1 hour away and I have done absolutely nothing to prepare myself for this situation. I make a terrible adult.

Is everyone else ready for Christmas?

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