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HELLO EVERYONE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS. It’s just past 2 and I am waiting for dinner. Should be about 30 mins so I am going to…


It’s just past 2 and I am waiting for dinner. Should be about 30 mins so I am going to do a blog update. YAY.

This morning I woke up at around 10 and went downstairs at 10:30, I was so tired from the past week of working long hours. My brother was here and we opened presents. Look at my presentssssssjrshgsogsrrrs.

These are the things I got =)

Makeup back with some No7 eyeshadows, lipstick, mascara and nail varnish.


Big bag of sweets. Mum seems to think I love getting a big bag of sweets, which I did up until I was 14, I give these to my housemates every year! Haha.

Super cute bag and scarf from New Look.

This cool wine holder, I had no idea what it was when I opened it, haha!

Underwear, socks and tights.

These tooooo!

OPI nail set and some OPI shattered look varnish.

Perfume, a family calendar with family photos in and a pocket diary.

This scarf scarf.

Bracelet and necklace =)

This wonderful cardigan with cute cut out detail on the back =)

Body warmer 2 sizes too big for me. I’m not really a fan of body warmers.

My mum also got me this beautiful dress which I LOVE LOVE LOVE but it is 2 sizes too big. She is going to take it back and try to get the right size =(

And finally :

GIRAFFE ONSIE! haha. I drove my brother home after taking this photo wearing the onsie.

I’m wearing one of the dresses I got from ASOS today =) £15 in the sale GET IT I think it is super cute. I’m not sure if I should wear it with or without the belt, what do you think? With:


With or without with or without???

So we shall be eating soon, and then we are going to my Uncles for a family party around 6. Help, my liver is going to fall out of me onto the floor. Our family parties always involve lots of booze.


  1. wow)great presents)Merry Christmas, Wish you all the best!)
    Love your blog! Hope you’ll love mine and follow me! <3

  2. Great presents, especially the new look bag and the tights and of course the onesie. Dress looks good either way but I prefer without the belt. merry Christmas xx

  3. I like the dress with the belt, but it looks gorgeous either way 🙂 I love Ghost Hunters & have recently discovered Paranormal witness…I do like most ghost hunting/paranormal related shows though lol. Your gifts are amazing enjoy them & Christmas xxx

    1. I LOVE paranormal shows too, or stuff to do with aliens or anything like that! Have you ever watched Marble Hornets on youtube?

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