Fun family Christmas =)

  So yesterday we ate Christmas dinner, then I napped. Haha, TIRED. I want to nap now too please. Then we went to my Aunts…

So yesterday we ate Christmas dinner, then I napped. Haha, TIRED. I want to nap now too please. Then we went to my Aunts house. The kids had presents everywhere, I really wanted to play ‘Pop goes pig’ and also with Alex’s Barbies. I was delighted when I was invited to play! I made a new best friend, my cousins 8 year old daughter, Alex. She is very clever. She always really takes to me at family parties and we played hang man and guess who on her iPod. At one point I was sat in the corner of the living room with kids all around me or on me. LET ME PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS PLEASE THANKS.
I was very drunk.
In the end I put the kids to bed, my cousin was very happy when I came down and told her I made them go to bed. Sleep time now children.
Me and my cousin, Jason, along with his 11 year old son, Jake played with bubbles, we accidently taught him ‘that’s what she said’ jokes and it was really bad. 
I found out I fit into size 3 pink hello kitty crocs. I wanted to take them!
Head hurt a little this morning!
Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:
Jakes slippers, the mouth opens when you step down on them. Could only find one though. Sad.
Aunts back yard. YAY lights.
Me and Alex.
I had this bubble on my arm like that for like 15 mins. Excite.
Me, Jake and JASON.
Stupid had stupid hat. 
This morning my mum went and got the dress that was two big changed to a size 10. It fits better now and I am wearing it today. It is from New Look. I tried to find it on the website but failed.
Mum is making a buffet type meal and my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew will be here soon. Then we are going to my cousins later for the annual boxing day party. I really cannot drink as much as last night though because I am working tomorrow and have to drive straight from here to work in the morning. This distresses me greatly.
What are your boxing day plans/traditions?


  1. We don’t really have any traditions but my plans today are to rest and get well (still really poorly) before I am back at work tomorrow. You think you got it bad, I have to be up at 5.30am in the morning, lol. Totally back to normal for me now then no more Christmas, ah well. New Years Eve soon and another day off for me wooop.

    Looks like you had fun, I hope tonight is just as fun for you!

    Janine xx

    1. Oh no, no more Christmas. I really like the run up to Christmas and then afterwards everything is just flat.

      I’m not off New Years Eve but I am off on the 1st =)

  2. So adorable pics, the Xmas lights are too cute! Seems you had a very lovely time! Btw, thanks for the follow Corinne, I follow you back dear! Kisses! xo

  3. It seems that you really had a lot of fun!
    Merry xmas!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. Hey dear!Thanks for your comment on my blog, I´m glad you liked my little country ;)Also this looks like you had a lovely Christmas :)xx

  5. what a rockin’ christmas!! 😀 those pictures are testament (; lol. hope the merry-making continues..! happy day-after-boxing day and have a wonderful new year~

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