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Christmas Eveeee!

Hai Guys. It’s only 6pm but I feel like I have been awake FOREVER (even though today went super fast!) I woke up at 7:30…

Hai Guys.

It’s only 6pm but I feel like I have been awake FOREVER (even though today went super fast!) I woke up at 7:30 and then went to see Janine (see her blog here) for shopping and lunch. I have not seen her in SO SO SO long and I forgot how funny she is. One point, walking out of the point shop she was muttering stuff to herself and I had just taken a sip of Pepsi and I had to spit it on the floor. Class. Sad.

Anyway, we shopped and did lunch with some of her friends and then I came home, packed, wrapped presents and drove to my parents house (1hr away). THEY HAVE A TREE. I must share this with you because we don’t have a tree at our house, it is most sad. LOOK AT THE TREE. It is new, I think. It’s really skinny.

Hi tree. Say hi to the tree.

I found THIS in my room, lolz.

About 7 years ago Janine and I kept buying the Peperamis to win the FAMINAL they were doing as promotion. We were kind of obsessed. It’s funny how I saw her today for first time in ages and then I find it. When it got delivered to my parents house in a bubble wrap envelope my parents thought it was a sex toy. Embarrass. 

I am waiting for my parents to get home from my Brothers at the seaside and then I am going to the pub with my other Brother, his wife, parents and some cousins (I think). 

This is what I wore today (I know I posted it in a blog like a week ago but I am going to post it again. I can do what I want, okay?)

I bought this dress from New Look for £19.99, I just checked to get a link for you guys and it has been reduced to £12! Bargain! 

These are my nails, which are a mess because all chipped now (obviously), I hope Mum has some nail varnish so I can take it off and put some other on.

I am sad because I was hoping the 3 dresses I ordered from ASOS on Thursday would be here today, but I guess I’ll have to wait until after Christmas now!



  1. Ooh I love the treeeee!!! Glad I made you laugh today 🙂 It was good to see you, we need to do again real soon. We forgot to get the double outfit post photo in all our shopping-ness, oh no. Never mind.

    I may have to buy that dress. The photos you have taken here are better quality than at your house, is it diff camera? Lighting looks better, can see you, hello.

    Janine xx

    1. No, it’s the same camera (my iPhone), it’s just the lighting in my house in Leeds is rubbish. Maybe I should invest in some better wattage bulbs, or a professional lighting kit. Haha.


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