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Back to reality!

Ahhh. Christmas is over, after a long and painful day at work I am finally home.

Yesterday after my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew came for dinner, we went to my cousins house for the yearly party on boxing day. I didn’t drink all day because I knew I was working today and didn’t want to be hung over. Well, that went out the window, I didn’t feel REALLY drunk but I was so hungover. I was even sick, the drive to work from my parents was horrible, I just wanted to go to my house and climb into bed! I gradually started to feel better over the day, thanks to a bottle of lucozade, 2 bottles of powerade and 2 packets of quavers. I still felt rubbish but just more able to cope with life. Everything was just too much for me before! It didn’t help at one point where one of the other managers picked me up, put me over his shoulders and made another manager slap my arse. I was almost sick down his back.

Never drinking again. I never ever get that hungover or sick, but these family parties – they just kill me!

Finally home now, had a shower and I am in my giraffe onsie. Hurrah! I’m going to sleep soon, I’m working in the morning! 

I don’t have an outfit to post today as I just wore my work uniform, but here are some photos from last night =)

My nephew and I went rooting in the garage and I found these! I also found some skateboards, bikes, scooters, rollerskates and other fun things. Wanted to stay in the garage but it was cold =(

We played pass the parcel and each time it was unwrapped, there were sweets and a dare in it. My cousins husband had to pick her up and walk around singing Christmas songs. I got one where I had to go around and kiss everyone. Oh no not happy about that.

Look I have a Halo helmet and gun. There were so many guns and children running around screaming with them. (you’ll probably figure out soon that I really like to put things on my head)

At some point everyone started putting cream from the trifle over everyone. 

My cousin did this REALLY awesome side plait in my hair. I loved it, I wish I could do more things with my hair because it is long long and a pity that I don’t do much with it. I think this may be my new years resolution. Maybe I can even had one day a week where I try out a new hair style and blog it. Motivation.

Still waiting for my dresses on ASOS =(

Is everyone else back to normal now or do some of you lucky people have longer off to celebrate/spend time with family?

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