13 Reasons Why Content Is Still the King

In case you are on the lookout for the next big thing in internet marketing, you will be surprised that very little changed when it…


In case you are on the lookout for the next big thing in internet marketing, you will be surprised that very little changed when it comes to content creation in the past few years. While the type of content you have to create is still the same, marketing automation software and link bots have lost their traction. In case you have been focusing your energy on creating videos, blogs, and social media posts to engage with your potential clients and your followers, you are on the right path. Content is still the king when it comes to increasing your brand awareness, reach, conversions, and search engine rankings. If you are in doubt, you will find 13 different reasons why quality content will not disappear any time soon.

13 Reasons Why Content Is Still the King In 2018

Search Engine Algorithms

Even though search engines have become smarter over the years, they only read text and image, as well as code. They are unable to read our financial accounts, body language, or facial expression. Online content is still the main method you can use to communicate with your target market and existing customers. No matter if you are using infographics, videos, slideshows, or simple Pinterest posts for online marketing, you can put your content in good use, and get it noticed by both search engine spiders and real people.


Content is easy to distribute in 2018. Whether you are using press releases to create awareness about your product, or are building a blogging empire, the more people like what you have to say or show the more likely they will share. Search engines now take into consideration shares and comments, also known as audience interaction when determining your search engine ranking position. The easier it is to share, distribute, comment on, and save your content, the more likely your brand will become popular. At the same time, the better the quality of your content is the more likely it will get shared, reposted, and distributed on social media and other platforms.


With content, you can tap into current trends and news stories. You might even be able to create a new market by drawing attention to a new solution available for your target market. You can focus on the type of customer you are targeting, find out as much as possible about their habits and preferences, and tailor your content to their needs. You can build your content on the latest internet trends, such as social movements or cultural issues, and get visitors. You cannot do that any other way. To stay connected with your audience and your market, it is important that you provide relevant and engaging information.

Value Creation

Content – when created the right way – can add value to your brand and your website. You can build reciprocity by giving away valuable information for free to your readers and listeners. No matter if you are holding free webinars or are creating a blog people can learn from, publish how-to guides, or tips, you can strengthen the relationship between your brand and your audience. Just check some of the latest vlogger accounts on the internet; individuals are able to establish themselves as experts on the marketplace by providing free tips and great value information in just a few months. Content is still king, provided that you are not repeating common knowledge, and always focus on adding value.

Authority Building

You can also use quality content to establish yourself in your market as an authority figure. Even if you have a small venture with no employees, you should focus on building your personal brand. Learn from companies who have taken this marketing tool to the next level. As an example, AO has mastered interaction with customers and have created informative guides about most products you will find on their site. These guides are hosted on YouTube, but can also be accessed on the website. When people visit the site and check out the different buying options, they feel like they are talking directly to an expert.


Quality content can also help you build and strengthen your brand. If you already have your brand vision, mission, and values, you can communicate them through your online content. Tell your story; inform your visitors why you started your business, what your long-term goal is, and why you are the person they should choose. To take your branding to the next level, you might want to sit down and create a detailed description of your brand persona, so you can tailor the content to the characteristics your visitors can connect with.

Communicating USP

For every marketing campaign, clear messages hold the key to success. When you are trying to make it in the competitive marketplace of online retail or services, it is important that you differentiate yourself. Creating and communicating a unique selling proposition through high-quality and informative content will give you the advantage you need. Provide your potential buyers with a good enough reason to buy from you and not other companies by communicating your unique selling proposition. Whether you have special training, certifications, or have been awarded for your achievements, communicate it through various forms of content; videos, articles, blog posts, and social media updates.

Search Engine Love

The art of website marketing would not exist without search engines. Today, people are more likely to search for information and recommendations on the internet than pick up the phone or look through directories. When someone is looking for a painter and decorator, they will not open the phone book any more. They will search for reviews on local directories, ask for recommendations on their local social media groups or forums, and decide for themselves. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on lead generation services, you can create quality content that is loved and distributed by search engines to help your potential clients find you.  


When you are able to clearly communicate your offers, the benefits of your service or product, people will trust you more as a professional business. The tone you choose for your corporate pages and your blog should be suitable for your target market, and professional, too. Having a five-page website that simply talks about the generic products and features will not get people excited about your offer.

Staying Connected

Marketing experts say that it is much easier to keep existing customers than finding new ones. It will also cost you much less. If you can give your website visitors a great reason to come back to your site, you can turn them into repeat customers, maximizing your return on investment. Having a blog will help you stay connected with people who are yet undecided about your product or service. If you can find a way to educate them about the benefits of your offer, send out updates and discount codes, without invading their privacy, they will be more likely to remember you next time they are planning to make a purchase.

Communicating Brand Persona

Your brand persona is one of your most valuable assets. Whenever you create online content, you should take into consideration the characteristics of your market, and your average customer. If you tailor your brand persona to the preferences and values of your target market, you can create long-term relationships with your audience. Instead of creating generic content, get creative. Be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. Provide information and personal details in moderation, so your audience can build an emotional connection between your brand and themselves.

Meaningful Relationships

Great content helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers and engage with them on a personal level. This way, you can improve customer loyalty without having to spend a lot of money on public relations campaigns. The more relevant your messages are to your audience the more valuable they will find them. Consequently, they will believe that your brand is related to their lifestyle and represents their values, so you don’t have to spend a lot of effort convincing them that you are the right choice.

Personal Interaction

Finally, great content promotes engagement and personal interaction. The more relevant it is to your audience, the more likely they will engage with it. Whether they leave a comment, thank for the information, or ask questions, request a quote, or share your content, you will get a vote for your company. Search engines in 2018 are looking for more than traffic and links when determining your ranking positions. The more interaction you have on your website and social media pages, the more popular your links will be in search engines, too.

While content strategies constantly change, without quality information no business is able to survive in 2018. Content is still a king today, and you should pay attention to the needs of your audience, the current trends, and the shareability of your information to succeed. From building strong brands to creating meaningful customer relationships, high-quality content can help you achieve your online marketing goals.


  1. I absolutely agree with everything your wrote. Search engines are made to look for content because that is what people want. If we know how to market it, even better. Without quality content, one’s site, brand or whatever will always be lost in the sea of others. Without content, the best anyone can hope to is to be a one hit wonder, and no site, blogger or brand wants that. We all want to grow and quality content is the best way to grow organically and safely. Quality content is sure to boost quality relationships with customers, readers and users. People are drawn to quality content. If they found something useful, they are much more likely to engage and comment. If a site looks professional, has great articles and so one, it is something people will come back to. So, yes content is absolutely the king.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I always concentrate on producing and writing the best content possible because that’s what I personally look for in other sites too. Sure, I love pretty pictures but content always comes first to me.

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