#socialbloggers 144 // Blog Perfection


blog perfection

Blog perfection is something that can get is all down from time to time. The fear that we’re never good enough, comparing ourselves to others, the shame of spelling mistakes.

Being a perfectionist has both it’s pros and cons. It can force us to push a little harder to get the results we want, but it can also push us to breaking point.

Are you a blog perfectionist?

blog perfection

Q1 Are you naturally a perfectionist in real life?

Q2: Are you a perfectionist when it comes to blogging, how so? 

Q3: Do you feel the need to be more perfect on some social media than others?

Q4: Are there any things that you’re a bit slack on in blogging/social media?

Q5: Perfect grammar/spelling : how important is it really? Do judge others for mistakes?


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