#socialbloggers 74 // Blog Awards

Blaze On

On Saturday, I attended the #BloggersBlogAwards – which is a whole other post I’ll be doing later in the week – but seeing as I was at the awards, I thought an award themed chat would be appropriate!

I’m not going to babble on too much, but I would like to say that the awards were amazing and I got to catch up with some of my favourite people and meet some people that I’ve spoken to for a long time online.

What a perfect day.

Apart from having to get up early for work on Sunday when I didn’t get home until 2am!

Q1: What is it about a blog that would make you nominate it for a blog award?


Q2: What blog award category would you like to be nominated for (amusing answers welcome) #socialbloggers


Q3: If you won an award, what would you say in the speech? #socialbloggers

Q4: Who would you nominate for an award and why? #socialbloggers




  1. Jackie Harrison
    October 5, 2015 / 11:58 am

    A blog that stands out from other deserve the award how nice to be able to attend to this event.

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